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An Image Is Never Real.


How Is Social Media Morphing Our Self-Image?

How Is Social Media Morphing Our Self-Image?


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Fake Famous

Social scientists are finding users are not just editing settings on social media. Users, especially women, are editing their bodies and faces. And this practice has led to a new standard of beauty.

Problematically, social scientists say this standard of beauty is nearly impossible to obtai...

Women's 2022 Body Shape Goal

"Slim thick" is the new body ideal.

Celebrities Kim Kardashian and Nikki Minaj represent this standard — slender face and arms, large breasts, flat stomach, ample hips and a "beach-ball" butt.

Only a small percentage of women’s bodies are going to be able to achieve ...

Hyper Comparison

Social media now provides users with a steady stream of images that are edited to fit with the new slim thick ideal. We’re constantly staring at our phones and looking at these images and it creates a normalizing effect. It’s constant comparison, mostly of the bad kind.

There are multiple t...

Our Real Self Vs The Online Image

Another type of comparison occurs when the social media user compares their online, edited self to their real-life body. Online editing software has evolved beyond removing red-eye or whitening teeth. Users can now make their bodies look thinner, plump lips, or remove acne.

The editing tool...

That Online Face You Create Does Not Exist In Real Life

The face we show online is the pulling of features for the exoticization of beauty.

Social media users can use editing tools to achieve the look in pictures. The person might be satisfied with the photo, but that sense of self-contentedness doesn’t continue when they look in the mirror.

Snapchat Dysmorphia

Studies are seeing a connection between the editing tools and plastic surgery, a trend practitioners call “Snapchat dysmorphia.” 

One study of plastic surgery patients found social media users who edit their photos were 

Impossible Beauty Standards

Beauty standards have always been set out of reach of the average person.

The problem is that editing software now gives people a new vision of themselves at a time when beauty standards have morphed into an impossible idea.

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