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How to recognize you’re being a judgmental jerk (and what to do about it)

How to recognize you’re being a judgmental jerk (and what to do about it)


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Being Judgemental

Being judgmental is a behaviour that we have all engaged in at some point or another. But there’s a difference between being judgmental and being opinionated, making observations, or being biased.

Judgmental behaviour typically involves appraising something like a situation, person, or acti...

The Effect Of Judging Everyone

This can affect your work in a negative way, likely impacting team and interpersonal dynamics. For instance, you may find yourself frequently assigning values to your colleagues using words such as: better than, right, wrong, lazy, or unambitious. There are consequences to taking this hypercritic...

The Problem Magnifies: The Risk Of Being Insular

Being judgmental often comes with giving your point of view supremacy over the values and views of others. The risk of being this narrow-minded could result in being less likely to see other colleagues’ perspectives as being relevant or important. Thinking that your way is the only way could also...

Passing judgment often implies making a decision before considering all the facts. This may also impact your willingness to look at information objectively or make an attempt to comprehend the full picture. 

It's Not Just A Win Or Lose Situation

Judgmental people have a tendency to evaluate things as either right or wrong, black or white. This blanket assessment, aligned with the first two points, makes them paint things with one brush instead of appreciating that some things are multifaceted.


Avoiding Being Judgemental

Judgmental people often make their colleagues feel shame and indignity about their choices, values, approaches to work or general behaviour. This may result in people not wanting to be around you or to build a relationship with you that fosters teamwork and workplace dynamics. 

Avoiding Loaded Words

If you find yourself classifying someone’s behaviour, actions, or values using hypercritical words like lazydishonest, or stupid, take a step back and ask yourself, “Is my perception of this situation based on a full view of the picture?” Or, “Am I imposing my own val...

Being Empathetic

Putting yourself in someone’s shoes is a great remedy for judgmental behaviour. It is quite common to feel a sense of superiority when looking from the outside: “If that was me, I would have made a better decision.” Or, “I would never have allowed this project to fall behind.” It may be that face...

The Person Is Different From The Action

If a person behaves in a manner that is questionable or that you disapprove of, the tendency is to think it relates to a personality flaw rather than the situation.


Judgmental behaviour doesn’t only affect those who are judged. When you place supremacy on your value system, you can hinder your own progress and productivity.

If you keep judging others with a critical attitude, expect the same to be done to you.

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