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Avoiding Being Judgemental

Avoiding Being Judgemental

Judgmental people often make their colleagues feel shame and indignity about their choices, values, approaches to work or general behaviour. This may result in people not wanting to be around you or to build a relationship with you that fosters teamwork and workplace dynamics. 


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A judgmental attitude

A judgmental attitude

Being hypercritical and judgmental is often unconsciously learned. It seems to fill a need such as making one feel powerful or smart where one is feeling sad or bored.

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The threats of being emphatic

While empathy can make both you and the ones around feel better at times, there are also important dangers worth taking into account:

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Admitting your own mistakes might very often result in the people around you feeling more comfortable, as they know they are dealing with a non-judgmental individual. 

Companies that encourage mistake-sharing often prove to be more productive than those that don’t. Moreover, t...

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