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There are few pleasures in life better than a great conversation.


3 Conversational Tricks to EXCITE Anyone

3 Conversational Tricks to EXCITE Anyone



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3 Conversational Tricks to Excite Anyone

One of the most common problems people struggle with is conversational skills.

Technology rewires our brains to think in terms of memes, posts, and videos, so we’re losing out on real-world talk!

When you struggle with conversational skills, you feel anxious, creating a downwa...

This trick is so simple that you won’t believe it until you try it.

When someone finishes saying something, repeat the last 3–5 words they said in the exact same way. I’ve done this for minutes on end, it’s actually hilarious.

Here’s what happens: someone will finish ...

Number two: “Bold Statements.”

Now that you’ve got the person opening up, you should be feeling a bit more confident.

At this point, you probably are thinking of some questions to ask them. Problem? Endless questions are SO 1900’s.

Instead of saying, “what do you do for work?” Say: “I think you’re a doctor.”


This trick opens up an exciting discussion where you both are operating on a deeper level instead of boring, surface-level “What do you do” type questions.

Note: the statement should be at least slightly accurate, and not come off as “judgy.” It should be more fun, and alwa...

Number three: “Share the Love”

Put on a smile because you’re about to spread some good energy. Everyone LOVES praise, so why not give it out, especially when it’s well-deserved?

If someone is cute- tell them. If someone is hilarious- confess it. You’re hurting no one.

As I hinted at you can combine...

Then you can use the first tip and go, “oh you’re a [job]” and they’ll start elaborating about the deeper reasons they chose that profession. 📷(:

Now, get out there! This works with everyone- coworkers, family, friends, elevator talks. Go try it!

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We are naturally inclined to do what feels good or comfortable or just “right”. Our brains tag effort as bad because it’s hard work. So, how do we do hard things when our brains are constantly telling us not to?



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