Von Restorff Effect: The Behavioural Bias Series - The Behaviours Agency - Deepstash
Von Restorff Effect: The Behavioural Bias Series - The Behaviours Agency

Von Restorff Effect: The Behavioural Bias Series - The Behaviours Agency

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What is the Von Restorff effect ?

The weirder something seems, the more we remember it

Also called the isolation effect or bizarreness effect, the Von Restorff effect is the proven psychological theory that the more something stands out from the crowd the more likely it is to be seen. For example, in a bucket full of green apples we’ll remember the red one. And be more drawn to it.

It was first coined by Hedwig Von Restoff a female behavioral scientist. who discovered that the more something differed the more easily it was recalled.


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How you can utilize it

A company utilized this effect in the store. Instead of saying remember the social distance laws they instead said "Think Cow" mentioning that social distancing was the length of a cow making sure people will remember it.

Make your advertisements memorable and you can thus create more likeness with them.


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Wow, I am going to try and utilize the von Restoff Effect in all of my design work.

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