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Trends are dead

Trends are dead


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Trends are dead

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Our 'Trend' Brain

  • Anything that's vaguely popular online must be defined or decoded - and ultimately, reduced to a bundle of marketable vibes with a kitschy label.
  • Trend brain encourages us to simplify everything online into something either buyable, understandable, or moral (and therefore worthy of consumption).
  • There is a devout certainty to the speed at which they're cycled through.


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Irrelevant and Inconsequential Trends

  • Modern consumers are bombarded with a stream of inconsequential trends to take note of - marketing vessels for products that fit into a paradigm devoid of meaning
  • Trends, or the illusion of a trend, benefit the fast-fashion companies and direct-to-consumer brands making products that aesthetically align with fleeting fancies
  • The effects of trend-induced brain rot have trickled into online discourse
  • Topics and figures deemed most important on the internet are based on where they fall along the spectrum of trendiness, depending on the scale of attention they command


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Recuperation: the process by which subcultural ideas and images become commodified and reincorporated into mainstream society

Today, recuperation is achieved through micro-aesthetics, memes, and online communities they stem from

Unlike the radical subcultures of yore, which had their own visual schema, language, and aesthetics, these digital scenes aren’t exactly subcultural.

They often promote a sort of political weakening.


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Keeping Up With Trends One After The Other

  • Even a whimsical aesthetic can become a commodified status signal - a way to demonstrate that you're a distinct individual who is in the know.
  • With the mass decentralization of culture, even while platforms are becoming increasingly centralized, there's no way for a sane person to keep up, but still we are expected to.
  • We're told we must evolve or our digital personas will wither into irrelevance as our style grows stale.


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