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The 5AM Club


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The 5AM Club

by Robin Sharma

Adults Are Deteriorated Children

When we were much younger, we understood how to live. Staring at stars filled us us with delight. Running in a park made us feel alive. And chasing butterflies flooded us with joy.

Then, as we grew up, we forgot how to be human. We forgot how to be bold and enthusiastic and loving and widely alive. Our precious reservoir of hope faded. Being ordinary became acceptable. The lamp of our creativity, our positivity and our intimacy with our greatness grew dim as we began to worry about fitting in, having more than others and being popular.


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90/90/1 Rule For Exponential Productivity

Next 90 Days First 90 minutesSingle Most Important Project

Legendary achievers concentrate all their attention and effort on one core project at a time so they harness the fullness of their cognitive capacity and their precious energy on releasing glorious products.

For the next ninety days, schedule yourself to invest the first ninety minutes of your workday on the one activity that, when completed at world-class will cause you to own your field. This 90 minutes period must be completely free of any noise and interruptions.


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The 60/10 Method

~Twin Cycles of Elite Performance~

• 60 minutes of High Excellence Cycle

Work at your best for sixty minutes straight, quietly with utmost focus. Just concentrate.

• 10 minutes of Deep Recovery Cycle

After your sixty-minute productivity sprint is done, refuel for ten minutes. Go for a quick walk in fresh air, read a book, listen to energizing music.


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The 20/20/20 Formula

05:00 AM—05:20 AM MOVE

•Intense workout, Sweat hard

WHY→ Cleanses Cortisol, BDNF flows, Dopamine+Serotonin Increases

BENEFITS→ More focus+ productivity, Energy flows, Less stress


05:20 AM— 05: 40 AM REFLECT

•Journal, Meditate, Plan, Contemplate

WHY→ Gratitude boost, Awareness+Happiness lifts, Wisdom develops, Serenity expands

BENEFITS→ Greater positivity, Decreased reactivity, Higher creativity, Stronger performance


05:40 AM— 06:00 AM GROW

•Review goals, Read books, Listen podcast+ audiobooks

WHY→ Knowledge deepens, Acumen+Confidence escalates

BENEFITS→ Domain dominance, Personal growth


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Why Journaling Is Good For Your Overall Growth

• Organizes Your Thinking

• Multiplies Clarity & Awarness

• Activate Deliberate Gratitude

• Fosters Hope

• Reinforces Daily Learning

• Records Where You Are Winning

• Processes Low Energy Emotions for Release Versus Repression

• Offers A Place to Work Through Confusion

• Allows For Planning And Goal Setting So Execution Improves

• Captures Your Life's Best Experiences

• Allows You To Re-experience Joyful Times

• Elevates Your Creativity Which When Translated Into Productivity Yields Mastery


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Four Practices For Financial Fortune

Positive Expectancy

Always maintain a mindset where you expect money will come to you regularly and from highly unexpected sources.

Active Faith

Active faith is when you behave in a way that shows life you trust it in its abundance & benevolence. Just show nature you know prosperity is coming and perform acts that make you feel like you have plenty.

Ever-increasing Gratitude

Continue opening your heart to everything and everyone in your life.

Extreme Value Delivery

Extreme value delivery means giving others exponentially more benefit than they ever could expect from you. Because we reap what we sow.


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The 4 Interior Empires Part 1

E1: Mindset (psychology)

Your thinking forms your reality and by improving your mind you'll improve your life. Your deepest beliefs drive your daily behaviour and the way you perceive the world drives the way you perform in it.

E2: Heartset (emotionality)

Even with battleproof beliefs and the distinguished thinking of a world-class Mindset, you won't win if your heart is full of toxic feelings. Working on your Heartset isn't only about removing negative emotions. It's also about amplifying the healthy ones.


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The 4 Interior Empires Part 2

E3: Healthset (physicality)

If you want to lead your field and experience continuous escalation of your eminence: do not die. Beautiful things happen once you commit seriously to peak fitness and go hard in cheating aging.

E4: Soulset (spirituality)

Every single one of us has an unstained spirit and spotless soulfulness that rests at our very center. Spend some time in quietude to make the return to courage, conviction and compassion within you.


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Protection Of The 5 Assets Of Genius

The five primary assets that all superproducers defend are:

1. Mental Focus

2. Physical Energy

3. Personal Willpower

4. Original Talent

5. Daily Time

Protect these 5 assets by following The Tight Bubble of Total Focus Strategy which preserves your focus as well as your primal brilliance.


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3 Step Formula From Superficialilty To Granularity

The best in the world have depth. Members of the majority often get stuck in a mindset of superficiality in their work. Their whole approach is light. No real preparation. Very little contemplation. Geniuses understand that it's smarter to create one masterwork than one thousand ordinary pieces.

  • Step 1: Learning→ Better Awareness→ Growing
  • Step 2: Implementation→ Better Choices→ Execution
  • Step 3: Income→ Better Results→ Impact


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The 4 Focuses Of History Makers

  • Capitalization of IQ: What makes a legendary performer so good isn't the amount of natural talent they are born into but the extent of that potential they actualize & capitalize.
  • Freedom From Distraction: Technology well used is a phenomenal thing, it's all the silly ways people apply it now.
  • Personal Mastery Practice: External always express internal, always reflect within. Your impact on the planet is always a sublime expression of what's going on inside of you.
  • Day Stacking: Concentrate monomaniacally on creating great days & they'll stack into a gorgeous life.


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Hard Is Good

The truth is that every challenging event you've experienced, each toxic person that you've encountered and all the trials you've endured have been perfect preparation to make you into the person that you are now.

The seduction of complacency and an easy life is one hundred times brutal, ultimately, than a life where you go all in and take an unconquerable stand for your brightest dreams.

Hard is good. Real greatness and realization of your inherent genius is meant to be a difficult sport. Only those devoted enough to go to the fiery edges of their highest limits will expand them.


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Tomorrow Is A Bonus, Not A Right

Never delay your peacefulness. Your life can fall apart within an hour. Accidents, illness, loss and death happen every day. It's human nature to think these things will never occur. Yet all wise philosophers teach us of the transience of our existence.

Tomorrow is a promise, not a fact. Enjoy every morning and appreciate each day you have on Earth. Take bold risks yet hedge them with common sense. balance living like there is no tomorrow with behaving like you'll live forever. So that when the end does come, you'll know you lived your life as a majestic testimony to the capacity for legendary.


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Limiting Beliefs = Mediocrity

Every one of us carries an instict for excellence within our spirits. No one needs to stay frozen in average and succumb to the mass mediocratization of behaviour evident in society along with the collective de-professionalization of business so apparent in industry. Limitation is nothing more than a mentality that too many good people practice daily until they believe it's reality. We need to remember that our excuses are seducers, our fears are liars and our doubts are thieves.


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Joy As A GPS

  1. People Fuel: Be around those people who fuel your joy.
  2. Pursuit Fuel: Perform those pursuits that feed your bliss.
  3. Place Fuel: Be in those places that make you feel more alive.


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You can fit in. Or you can change the world. You don't get to do both.


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