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The 5AM Club Summary

About The 5AM Club Book

Legendary leadership and elite performance expert Robin Sharma introduced The 5am Club concept over twenty years ago, based on a revolutionary morning routine that has helped his clients maximize their productivity, activate their best health and bulletproof their serenity in this age of overwhelming complexity.

      Now, in this life-changing book, handcrafted by the author over a rigorous four-year period, you will discover the early-rising habit that has helped so many accomplish epic results while upgrading their happiness, helpfulness and feelings of aliveness.

      Through an enchanting—and often amusing—story about two struggling strangers who meet an eccentric tycoon who becomes their secret mentor, The 5am Club will walk you through:

  • How great geniuses, business titans and the world’s wisest people start their mornings to produce astonishing achievements
  • A little-known formula you can use instantly to wake up early feeling inspired, focused and flooded with a fiery drive to get the most out of each day
  • A step-by-step method to protect the quietest hours of daybreak so you have time for exercise, self-renewal and personal growth
  • A neuroscience-based practice proven to help make it easy to rise while most people are sleeping, giving you precious time for yourself to think, express your creativity and begin the day peacefully instead of being rushed
  • “Insider-only” tactics to defend your gifts, talents and dreams against digital distraction and trivial diversions so you enjoy fortune, influence and a magnificent impact on the world

Part manifesto for mastery, part playbook for genius-grade productivity and part companion for a life lived beautifully, The 5am Club is a work that will transform your life. Forever.

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The 5AM Club by Robin S. Sharma
Amy Carmichael

“We will have eternity to celebrate the victories but only a few hours before sunset to win them.”



The 5 am CLUB, Robin SHARMA

The great women and men of the world were all givers, not takers.



The 5 am club, Robin SHARMA

Do work that is heroic—that staggers your marketplace by the quality of its originality as well as from the helpfulness it provides.



The 5 AM Club offers advice on making your mornings the kickstart you need to attain your most remarkable achievements. Mornings are often a struggle for people. But Robin Sharma believes his formula can help anybody feel inspired and focused early in the morning. He also offers neuroscientific support for approaches that will help you rise far more quickly than the rest of society.

The 5 AM Club

The 5 AM Club

The 5 AM Club is a parable about genuine success. The kind of success that will turn you into a hero. Heroism may sound romantic, but it is possible for anyone to achieve it by embracing discomfort and working on daily habits for self-improvement. The first habit is to simply wake up at 5 a.m. and to use the first hour of your day to get ahead


1. The Five Ground Rules

1. The Five Ground Rules

A key feature of your success will be effective preparation. So, Sharma breaks this preparation down into five fundamentals:

  1. Distractions are the death of creativity. Those who make history and build empires dedicate an hour before dawn to themselves. This time offers them new opportunities that surpass daily challenges. This sets them on the path to an outstanding day.
  2. Genius does not grow on excuses. Even if you have not developed the habit before, you can still establish it now. Don’t rationalize and remember that all it takes is a little bit of effort daily to achieve amazing results.


<p>3. The first part of any ch...

3. The first part of any change is complicated, the middle is messy and the end is beautiful. The things you find simple now were once complex for you. Soon, you will become accustomed to getting up early.

4. To get to the top 5%, you must start doing what 95% of people are not willing to do. The majority will call you mad as soon as you start living like this. You will pay for excellence by being dubbed a freak.

5. Keep going even when you want to surrender. Success usually comes to those who are relentless.


The 5 AM Club is a staple in my daily diet of practicing a healthy mindset and leading a productive life. The lessons here are rejuvenating and helped me go through some tough stages in life. Hope it does the same for everyone.

Adults Are Deteriorated Children

Adults Are Deteriorated Children

When we were much younger, we understood how to live. Staring at stars filled us us with delight. Running in a park made us feel alive. And chasing butterflies flooded us with joy.

Then, as we grew up, we forgot how to be human. We forgot how to be bold and enthusiastic and loving and widely alive. Our precious reservoir of hope faded. Being ordinary became acceptable. The lamp of our creativity, our positivity and our intimacy with our greatness grew dim as we began to worry about fitting in, having more than others and being popular.


90/90/1 Rule For Exponential Productivity

90/90/1 Rule For Exponential Productivity

Next 90 Days First 90 minutesSingle Most Important Project

Legendary achievers concentrate all their attention and effort on one core project at a time so they harness the fullness of their cognitive capacity and their precious energy on releasing glorious products.

For the next ninety days, schedule yourself to invest the first ninety minutes of your workday on the one activity that, when completed at world-class will cause you to own your field. This 90 minutes period must be completely free of any noise and interruptions.


The 60/10 Method

The 60/10 Method

~Twin Cycles of Elite Performance~

• 60 minutes of High Excellence Cycle

Work at your best for sixty minutes straight, quietly with utmost focus. Just concentrate.

• 10 minutes of Deep Recovery Cycle

After your sixty-minute productivity sprint is done, refuel for ten minutes. Go for a quick walk in fresh air, read a book, listen to energizing music.


A comprehensive and detailed summary on the book 'The 5AM Club'. I have divided it into many sections. Each section for each chapter for the ease of reading. The ideas are concise & informative. Do read it fully as these ideas are all that you need for personal development. You will find similar ideas in almost all the personal development books. To get Deepstash Pro feautures for free, visit

This chapter introduces the Habit Installation Protocol, which is a step-by-step process for creating a new habit of waking up at 5am. The protocol involves the following steps:



Set A Goal

The first step is to set a goal for yourself. What do you want to achieve by waking up at 5am? Do you want to be more productive? Do you want to be healthier? Do you want to achieve your dreams? Once you have a clear goal in mind, you will be more motivated to take action.


Create a plan:

The next step is to create a plan for how you are going to achieve your goal. This plan should include a specific time for waking up, as well as a list of activities that you will do in the morning. It is important to be as specific as possible with your plan, so that you are less likely to give up.


What you should do every first waking hour?

What you should do every first waking hour?

Divide your first waking hour into 3 parts (20 minutes + 20 minutes + 20 minutes).

The First 20 minutes you should do an excercise that ( Cardio Excercise) make your body to sweat. This is good to increase BDNF ( Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor), which helps brain to repair and improve neural connection.


The Second 20 minutes

The Second 20 minutes

The Second 20 minutes is for meditation, with peaceful surroundings. Think about your short term goals and long term goals deeply.


The last 20 minutes

The last 20 minutes

The last 20 minutes, it's time to read and learn something new and valuable. Like reading books, listening podcast.

Do it Everyday!

This is how you can make your first waking hour productive.


Hi! Curious ppl, Suci Cahyani here! Today we will dissect book The 5 Am Club by Robin Sharma. From this inspiring book, I will sharing 3 insights that I personally think it's very interesting.

 Getting to Know Robin Sharma

Getting to Know Robin Sharma

Nah, Robin Sharma is considered one of the top 5 leadership experts in the world, And he is often an Adviser, etc.

And in this book he picks up many stories from people who continue to commit to getting up early, And from the evidence he has gathered he shows that getting up early is very important because it can set a positive and productive tone for the rest of the day.


Insight 1 : The Secret Behind Success

That is getting up early, especially at 5 am.

This is one of the title of his book, Robin Sharma said that "To be successful we have to be willing to do something that not many people want to do". Including getting up early as a habit.


Metode 20/20/20:

3 set 20 minute

  1. The first 20 minutes, we are recommended for physical exercise. Because sweat helps :
  • Eliminates the fear hormone (cortisol)
  • Generates BDNF protein.

2. The second 20 minutes, we

spend with self-reflection.

  • Journaling
  • Meditation
  • Sholat

( That's Quiet Time )

3. The last 20 minutes, we fill with a little study.

  • Reading books
  • Learning
  • Listen to podcasts

We do this routine for 66 days, this is the time it takes to become a habit. And then be Automaticaly Point.


A self development book which emphasizes on the importance of starting your day as early as possible in the best way you can so as to elevate your life.


It is in the moment that you face your deepest weakness that you receive the chance to forge your greatest strengths.



The Primary Purpose Of Life Is Growth

The Primary Purpose Of Life Is Growth

• When making a choice, always choose the one that pushes you the most, increases your growth and promotes the unfolding of your gifts, talents and personal powers.

• We experience growing pains because it is a challenge to grow. If it wasn’t hard initially, it wouldn’t be a real and valuable change.

• It’s your decisions that make your results. With better daily awareness, you can make better daily choices and with better daily choices you’ll start seeing better daily results.


Habit Building

Habit Building

• When we first wake up, our battery of self-control is full. That’s why it’s important for us to build habits or do activities that are most important during this time, when our capacity is the strongest.

• As we go about our day, our ability to self-regulate decreases and so does the capacity to handle temptations and manage weak impulses.

• Habit making takes a minimum of 66 days and is made up of 3 stages:

I) Stage I: Destruction (22 days)

II) Stage 2: Installation (22days)

III) Stage 3: Implementation (22days)


Being a better version of yourself to the one from previous day is how one achieves success and fulfillment. Mediocrity is common, Excellent is rare.

Favorite Lines

Favorite Lines

Every book has some lines that gets etched into the minds of the ones reading it

Here are some of my favourites from the 5 am Club by Robin Sharma.



Everything will be okay in the end. And if it's not, it's not the end.




Pressure is a privilege




Dedication and discipline beets brilliants




Stop managing your time and start managing your focus 




With every challenge comes the gorgeous opportunity to rise into your next level as a leader, performer and human being. Obstacles are nothing more than tests designed to measure how seriously you want the rewards that your ambitions seek. They show up to determine how willing you are to improve into the kind of person who can hold that amount of success. Failure's just growth in wolf's clothing. And pretty much nothing else is as important in life as personal expansion, the unfoldment of your potential.




Don't let the noise of other's opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become.




Dedication and discipline beats brilliance and giftedness every day of the week. And A-Players don't get lucky. They make lucky. Each time you resist a temptation and pursue an optimization you invigorate your heroism. Every instant you do that which you know to be right over the thing that you feel would be easy, you facilitate your entry into the hall of fame of epic achievers.



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