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How to deal with stress while working in a demanding industry

How to deal with stress while working in a demanding industry


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How to deal with stress while working in a demanding industry

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Workplace Stress

Workplace stress is increasingly becoming a larger part of the conversation since the pandemic.

Reports indicate that the number of people seeking help with stress or anxiety has increased by 55%, according to a study by a mental health services provider in the United Kingdom.

In 2021, 822,000 workers in the U.K. suffered from work-related stress, depression, or anxiety.


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The Root Cause Of Stress

Stress is our body's response to pressure

Often a sign you've pushed yourself too far without making time to consider whether what you're doing is sustainable

As ambitious high achievers, we ultimately want to go the distance, but going the distance is impossible when struck with migraines, low moods, anxiety, and irritability


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Take A Break: Things Will Work Without You

  • Stress is unique to each person. For some, stress is incapacitating, while others actually need a bit of stress to keep them motivated.
  • It's easy to slip into the idea that if you take your foot off the pedal, even for one second, everything will come crashing down.
  • The issue with this thinking is that you are denying yourself an opportunity to refuel, despite being on a marathon of the mind for years on end.


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A Bigger Version Of Ourselves

  • Dealing with strain becomes significantly easier when we are fulfilled as people.
  • Managing stress becomes a possibility when we've invested the time to become bigger versions of who we are.
  • Life as a high achiever comes with challenges, greet those challenges as someone who has been given every possible opportunity to cope with it.


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What Leaders Can Do

  • Leaders need to address the responsibility of leaders in the fight against work-related stress
  • Creating an environment that prioritizes flexibility, mental and physical well-being, personal growth, and open channels of communication are steps toward combating stress for high achievers.


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