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Creative Observation – Steve Pavlina

Creative Observation – Steve Pavlina


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Creative Observation – Steve Pavlina

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A common question that we ask ourselves is "How come when I wholeheartedly intend X to happen, I still get the opposite of X?"

For example… How come when I intend wealth, I’m still poor? How come when I intend a new relationship, I’m still alone? How come when I intend a new career, I’m still stuck in the old one?


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Intention-manifestation always works. When it seems like it isn’t working, the reason is that while you’re correctly putting out the intention for what you want, you’re also putting out the intention to continue manifesting what you don’t want. And you’re probably doing a lot more of the latter than the former, so if your situation changes at all, it will happen very slowly. Due to the slow change, most people give up on their positive intentions long before they have a chance to manifest.


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If you’re in a situation you don’t want to be in, and you observe it or notice it, you’re thinking about it. That means you’re intending its continuation.


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  1. All thought is creative. Every thought is an intention, including your perceptions. Observation is active creation, not passive witnessing. There’s no such thing as observation without creation.
  2. 100% responsibility. You’re 100% responsible for everything that exists in your reality. If you perceive it, you created it.
  3. Only the present is real. You only have power in this present moment; the past and future are merely projections you’re creating right now.
  4. No denial. You cannot uncreate what you’ve already manifested. Once something has manifested in your reality, it’s too late to uncreate it.


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The key is that when you observe your current reality, you always observe with a bias. Your bias is rooted in your beliefs, but let’s simplify that model to just three general biases: positive, negative, or neutral. All observation can be assigned one of these three bias values.

Assuming you intend your situation to improve, which of these three observational biases makes the most sense? Clearly the positive one bias is the way to go.


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This is precisely why a positive mental attitude is effective. Attitude is absolutely critical. If you spend time focusing on your positive intentions, but you also observe your present situation in either a neutral or negative way, you’re wasting your time.

This is why you don’t get thin by harboring thoughts like, “I hate being fat.” Instead, you must acknowledge your present overweight body while latching onto the hope that your momentum is headed towards your goal weight.


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You’ll achieve your goals if you observe your present reality with a positive momentum in the direction of your goals. But if you set a goal and observe your present situation with a negative or neutral bias, then your goals have no power to induce change.


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I think that this article is a great read for anyone trying to understand why they find it difficult to change their current situation for the best.