6 secrets to telling your story in a way that lands you a job - Deepstash
6 secrets to telling your story in a way that lands you a job

6 secrets to telling your story in a way that lands you a job


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6 secrets to telling your story in a way that lands you a job

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A Story: The Most Powerful Way To Connect

Storytelling is essential-whether you're trying to get a promotion, a new job, or simply make a lasting connection. It is a proven fact that everyone loves a story. Personal anecdotes bring people together and strengthen ties with your listeners.

Keep these six secrets of good storytelling in mind


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Be Brief

  • Talking about ourselves releases dopamine, a hormone that can be dangerous if you’re rambling.
  • Keep your narrative short and to the point.
  • Don’t turn a short story into a long and winding verbal road.

Example: Suppose you’re in a job interview and the recruiter says, “Tell me about a problem you solved.” You get excited and go on about every facet of the problem you solved. Five minutes later you’re still speaking—but now you’ve lost your audience (and job).


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Engage With The Listener's Emotions

  • The best stories get listeners involved in the tale emotionally.
  • Make the main character someone the audience can relate to.
  • Pretend you are the victim, and the audience is with you all the way.
  • Tell a story about how you were walking your French bulldog and someone tried to grab that little pup in an off-leash park.


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Make a point

  • The best point to make is one that is inspiring and uplifting
  • Telling stories that inspire with a clear, uplifting point is a great skill
  • Tell a story about how inspired you were when you first met the person you are honouring today


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Let It Flow

Build your story chronologically: with a past, present, and future:

Past: "I've always loved people, and that's why I'm passionate about this job in HR. I was outgoing and extrovertish even when young."

Present: "In my last two HR positions, I have developed programs that make employees feel safe and engaged. One program I am particularly proud of is our Mental Health offering."

Future: "This job is my dream job, and as an HR professional I know I would be a great fit for this role."


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Tell Your Story Well

  • Don't rush your delivery.
  • Give your audience time to process what you are saying and react to it.
  • Speaking slowly creates an aura of suspense.
  • Be genuine, show that you are delivering something that is meaningful to you, and the audience will respond in kind.


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Ending With A Call To Action

  • Every story you tell about yourself should end with some kind of action or resolution. If you are mentoring someone and you’re sharing a story about what you learned from your first boss, end with an upbeat and meaningful action.
  • The end is the action that embodies the moral of the story—the lesson learned.

Example: "And so, what I learned, and what I'd like to see you do, is to lead no matter what your position in the company."


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