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So Your Boss Is Always Canceling Meetings Last Minute

So Your Boss Is Always Canceling Meetings Last Minute


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So Your Boss Is Always Canceling Meetings Last Minute

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Disruption In Your Schedule

As a manager, you’ve likely had things crop up at the last minute and disrupt your schedule: customer emergencies, unscheduled calls with your own manager, last-minute trips. But when your own boss cancels on you frequently, it’s not only frustrating, but it can feel like a slight or make you worry about your standing. If you find yourself on the receiving end of too many cancellations, it’s essential to talk to your boss about it directly.


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Don’t Take It Personally

A cancellation may feel like a slight against you, but chances are, if your manager misses your meetings, they’re probably cancelling other meetings at the last minute, too. Take note of your boss’s schedule and be attuned to what other people say. Where appropriate, you can discreetly ask a trusted colleague if they’ve experienced the same thing. Having a clear sense of the behavioural pattern will enable you to step back from your anger and see the bigger pattern of your boss’s habits, not just their behaviour toward you.


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Get Your Tone Right

The last thing you want to do is come off as passive-aggressive by throwing a barb at your boss or making them feel defensive. Having a neutral, non-accusatory tone will ensure you get off on the right foot. Think about all the reasons you can relate to that might cause your manager to be a no-show.

They might be harried or overscheduled. Sometimes people genuinely don’t know they’re chronically cancelling meetings, especially if they have an assistant managing their schedule.


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Start The Talk

If you have a close relationship with your boss where you can be direct, you can say something like, “There are times that I need your guidance or I’m waiting for your input. When you cancel at the last minute, it puts me behind since I’m often counting on this time together. It also makes it hard for me to plan the rest of my day, since I spend some of it preparing for our meeting."

Another option is to have a collaborative conversation about the meeting itself, which can identify the reason behind the cancellations and potentially head off future ones. 


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The Last Resort

If the behaviour persists — or if you come to learn that you’re the only person they’re cancelling on — it’s important to go back to your boss for a second conversation and be frank. You could say, “I have a delicate matter to raise with you, and I think it’s important for both of us. I’m finding that you’re still canceling our meetings regularly and I seem to be the only one who’s experiencing this. If there are any issues I should know about my performance, I’d like you to tell me.”


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