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3 Obstacles in the road of self improvement

3 Obstacles in the road of self improvement


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3 Obstacles in the road of self improvement

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Making yourself better is everyone's dream and we all are working for it but there are some obstacles that create a barrier between Self improvement and us. 

In order to be the best version of yourself you have to eliminate these 3 things otherwise it would be harmful in your upcoming years. 

So let's dive into the topic and discuss the 3 main obstacles that one should avoid on the road of self improvement.


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Shree Om Swami once said that comparison creates competition until and unless you are competing with yourself. 

Comparison creates a feeling of jealousy as you want to become better than others so it's a kind of bad idea as you are wasting your time and energy in something that's actually a big myth.

Comparison is common in today's youth but while you are working for self improvement you have to come out from this idea. 

Just remember one thing: there is someone who can do things better than you, you can't be perfect, you can just be improved, so don't make yourself perfect.


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Thoughts are a part of our day to day life and they are infinite there is no way to end them as they get connected with each other.

Getting yourself distracted from thoughts can be very time consuming as you lose your focus and time both. 

Try meditation and perform yoga. Make yourself busy the more you will be busy the less you will get distracted. 


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A person who plans everything can't stay happy, you can't plan your whole day. There are some aspects that are uncontrollable and can't be controlled by humans.

Setting a goal and a to do list is good but claiming to work in an allotted time seems next to impossible.

So sometimes it's better to have no plans because your plan doesn't work everywhere. Just keep a belief in your skills and hard work, make a to-do list and you are done.


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You can only become better when you will stop comparing yourself with others and start striving for a better life.

So don't waste your time just start from today.


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