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14 Ways To Beat Distractionđźš«

14 Ways To Beat Distractionđźš«


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14 Ways To Beat Distractionđźš«

#1. De-clutter Your Mobile Home Screen

The mobile home screen is the biggest time sink of today.

I realized keeping my home screen minimal dramatically reduced my tendency to check apps with no prime purpose.

p.s- I'm using a productivity launcher since the start of this year and it's amazing!


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#2. Put Time Limits On All Apps Where You Tend To Waste Time

Remember that we are trying to fight the best behavioral scientists in the world whose job is to keep us hooked to our apps.

Poor chance we will win.

Install time blockers!


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#3. Remove All Notifications And Red Color Badges

You will not be able to fight distraction if your mobile screen is constantly pinging with what's happening, or your screen shows you how many messages you've missed!

Remove all of them. It should look like this, all the time.


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#4. Wake up Slow

One of the worst things we do to ourselves is to wake up just in time for our day.

We feel rushed.

It disorients us. For the entire day.

The first thing I do is sip water for 15 mins.

No phone. No book. No music. No person.

Just me, water, and my thoughts.


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#5. Maintain Your Glucose Levels Sideways

If our glucose levels go down, we feel drained out of energy.

If they remain too high, we tend to overeat.


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#6. Find your max energy period

We all have a zone where we are most productive.

Guard that period ferociously.

Schedule the toughest or most impactful things for that period.

For me, it is my mornings.

Reserved for the most important things with most of it thinking time


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#7. Use Pomodoro Technique

A powerful way to keep your mind focused.

A 30-min slot is 1 pomodoro

25 mins of work

5 mins of break


After 4 pomodoros, take a long 20-30 min break.

Download a Pomodoro timer - there are plenty of good ones.


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#8. Do Not Try To Remember Anything

Your mind should be used to think.

Not to remember.

Use the calendar, emails, and notes app to record everything.

From to-do lists to reminders and beyond.


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#9. Restrict Information To Max 3 Sources

We are living in a world of information abundance. And the more sources you have of information, the more you will constantly be consuming, as against doing real work.


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#10. Schedule time for these sources

Even with 3 sources, you could spend your entire day consumed by them.

Schedule time for them.


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#11. Setup distraction time

We crave distraction because it is the forbidden fruit.

Dopamine is addictive.

You could fight it by setting up a scheduled time to "waste time"

Our mind then anticipates it, instead of craving it.


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#12. Keep a  journal for distracting thoughts

When we write we tell our brain that this is important.

Which is one of the best ways to get our mind off that thing.

So the next time you feel distracted, just write down that thought.


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#13. If anything can be done in 2 mins and needs to be done, do it.

Our mind is designed to focus on things that we haven't finished, as against things that we have.

Do not add to your pile of unfinished things.


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#14. Maintain a routine

Nothing beats distraction than having a routine. The absence of which is you willingly giving away control of your day to external stimuli.


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