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7 tips on how to stop being insecure in a relationship

7 tips on how to stop being insecure in a relationship


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7 tips on how to stop being insecure in a relationship

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  • Jealousy
  • Attention seeking
  • Arguing


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This is one of the most obvious signs of insecurity in a relationship.

A jealous partner constantly questions their significant other’s true intentions.

They spy, become clingy or control your friendships and free time.

Jealousy is all-consuming and damaging to every relationship.


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Attention Seeking

Some attention-seeking behaviors are similar to jealousy, like the need for constant reassurance.

Others are about a fear of being alone, like always having to do everything together.

Still others fulfill a need for significance by causing drama or picking fights.


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Every couple argues – the difference is between healthy and unhealthy arguing. Healthy arguing uses productive communication tactics to reach a place of understanding and agreement.

Unhealthy arguing stems from lack of trust, unresolved insecurities and even fear that true communication will cause your partner to leave you. 


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The Tips:

  1. Start with self love: and identify and overcome your limitting beliefs
  2. Learn to communicate effectively about how you are feeling to your partner.
  3. Meet each other's needs: there are 6 basic human needs: You can check out the article in the link attached.
  4. Act like you are a new couple:
  5. Create new stories.

And lastly...


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Stop Overanalysing

When you let anxious thoughts spiral out of control, that’s when you lash out at your partner, become defensive or shut down.

Stop these feelings before they start by learning to control your emotions.

Keep your partner’s actions in perspective – everyone talks to the opposite sex, wants to go out with their friends and needs alone time once in a while.

This doesn’t reflect badly on you. It means you’re in a normal, healthy relationship:)


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As humans...we do feel insecure at some point in our lives..it's important to handle those emotions and reflect upon them to build a stronger relationship with yourself and with others.