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Important Life Lessons I Learned from Mountaineering

Important Life Lessons I Learned from Mountaineering

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“You are not in the mountains. The mountains are in you.”



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What climbing mountains can teach you about your personal and professional life

What climbing mountains can teach you about your personal and professional life

  • While mountaineering isn't everyone's cup of tea, everyone can benefit from the valuable lessons learned on the mountains. One wrong decision can lead to injury or death
  • Mountaineering is an inherently dangerous sport, and it requires diligent training, endless planning, and meticulous discipline
  • However, there are many important life lessons that can be applied to other parts of your personal & professional life


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Learning how to be comfortable being uncomfortable

  • Embracing discomfort is the first step to becoming a mountaineer.
  • Push through the discomfort because you know that when you do, you will feel stronger and more capable.
  • Find your way of getting out of your comfort zone and challenging your limitations.


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Focusing on the small wins over the big goals

  • In mountain climbing, break each climb into smaller milestones and focus only on making it to the next milestone
  • Cherishing small wins motivates you to keep going and eventually, you reach your big goal
  • This does not mean you should not strive towards big goals, just give yourself enough credit for small wins.


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Reframing "failure" into re-prioritization

  • Turning around and giving up on a summit objective after months of hard training and preparation can be excruciatingly painful.
  • When it's not safe for you to continue climbing, your goal of summitting gets deprioritized in lieu of the (hopefully) more important goal of staying alive.


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Never give up. Always find a reason to keep trying.

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