Can A Crisis Push Schools in a Positive Direction? - Deepstash
Can A Crisis Push Schools in a Positive Direction?

Can A Crisis Push Schools in a Positive Direction?

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Social-emotional learning

Social-emotional learning

Schools are supposed to be able to adjust to their students' needs and requirements throughout the year.

Especially in times of crisis, the technique called social-emotional learning is a must that schools have to integrate into their teaching system: acknowledge the experiences that students have gone through during the particularly difficult time and help them deal with the different needs that this period has resulted in.


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Support teachers' needs

While going through a crisis of any kind can be challenging for most of us, one category that for sure feels the change is represented by the teaching staff worldwide.

When asked to teach their subject via Zoom or applications alike, teachers have to change their way of presenting the topic, make them seem more interesting and, what is even more important, to make the class more interactive; this can eventually lead to sadness, anxiety and fear even for the most experienced teachers.


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Mentoring relationships within schools

If there is one thing that teachers should be particularly good at, this has to be mentoring their students.

By doing so, not only do they guide an individual's self-development throughout his or her school years, but they also emphasize the idea of human interaction, which should actually be the basis for most of our successful actions.


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Fewer tests at school

While the traditional teaching system model involves lots of material to learn and to be tested afterward, times of crisis have recently proven that school can happen without all this.

Maybe the best example regarding how a school can work without testing and while giving more autonomy to teachers is in Finland, which happens to have impressive results in what children's reading and maths skills are concerned.


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Academic freedom

There is one thing most schools have failed to understand: while encouraging students to learn in order to get high marks will lead to them achieving this purpose, it will surely not end up with them feeling motivated to learn on their own or discover any kind of pleasure in studying.

On the other hand, times of crisis might actually make everybody realize that more academic freedom on both teachers' and students' side as well as more interactive activities might actually lead to students being more engaged in studying and teachers more pleased with their job.


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