What Is 'Quiet Quitting'—and Is It Really Just Work-Life Balance? - Deepstash
What Is 'Quiet Quitting'—and Is It Really Just Work-Life Balance?

What Is 'Quiet Quitting'—and Is It Really Just Work-Life Balance?

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Quiet Quitting

Quiet Quitting

  • People who continue to come to work every day and do their job, but maybe aren't going above and beyond-they're turning off notifications and not answering work emails at 10 p.m.
  • Quiet quitting is simply people looking for a little more work-life balance, while actually putting in the work.


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Why "Quiet Quitting" Is Happening

  • The pandemic has been the catalyst for a lot of people to recognize what's most important in their lives.
  • Returning to the office may have been the final straw for many workers-especially, as more surveys found that very few people want to stop working from home.


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Use Tech In Your Favor

  • Snooze notifications from Slack and work emails when your workday is done, and don't accept work calls after a certain hour.
  • Set up automatic responses to any communication to say when you'll be available next to respond.


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Take Advantage of Your "Golden Hours"

Golden hours are essentially our best times of day for deep thinking, creative thinking, and strategic thinking.

Don't let work eat up all those hours with administrative tasks or things that don't rise to the level of importance on that priority list above.


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Unplug On Vacation

Vacation is supposed to be time away from work.

So make sure you get that.


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Communicate Your Boundaries With Your Team

If you've been a 24/7 worker, you may need to reeducate your team and your supervisor about when you're available.

Say simply, “I won’t be available after 7 p.m., but will be able to get back to you first thing in the morning."

If you receive pushback, ask for specifics about why that's an issue.


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Get Your Supporters (And Your Portfolio) In Order

If your workplace isn't inspiring a lot of loyalty or engagement from you, it might be time to look for your next big thing-especially right now, when it's still a job seeker's market.


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