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7 simple ways to stand out in a crowded applicant field

7 simple ways to stand out in a crowded applicant field

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Standing out

Despite the high unemployment rates during the pandemic, companies are still hiring. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, companies employed 5.2 million people in April.

The difference between those who landed the jobs and those who didn't was their ability to stand out.


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A resume that stands out

A resume that stands out has been tailored specifically to each job and company you're pursuing.

If you have a job description, rewrite your resume to ensure you're highlighting the necessary skills and achievements the hiring manager is seeking. Use your keywords to write a story of why you're the best candidate for the job.


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Show your impact areas

Hiring managers want to see that you can make a positive difference. That means you have to do your homework. Consider how the needs of the company intersect with your greatest wins and be prepared to talk about them.

Make it easy for them to understand what you can do for the team.


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How to treat every interview

Treat every interview like it's the most important one.

Be sure to dress appropriately and do your hair. You should be looking and acting the part.


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Practice the technology

Since most interviews are remote now, it's critical to ensure you're adept at using the technology.

Find out beforehand what platform you'll be using and find a friend to test it out with you.


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Your communication skills

The candidates that stand out have the technical skills as well as strong communication skills. Hiring managers want to know about tough conversations you’ve had or times when you’ve solved a problem. Don't be afraid to ask questions.

If you can't communicate problems or address circumstances when they go wrong, it will likely be a problem.


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Clean up your digital footprint

You can really turn off a company with your digital footprint. Google yourself. Check your public social media feeds. Clean up what needs attention and start posting content that shows how knowledgeable and forward-thinking you are. A curated digital footprint creates instant credibility.

Port your network online. Follow employees at the companies you're targeting, and interact appropriately with them. It will offer social proof, a key principle of persuasion.


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Show you’re self-motivated

Remote work is likely here to stay. So find ways to illustrate your ability to be self-motivated and work in different environments.

Be honest about your strengths and find ways to showcase why you are the solution the company needs.


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