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7 ways to stay motivated in the face of rejection on the job hunt

7 ways to stay motivated in the face of rejection on the job hunt



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Manage Your Mindset

Those who have spent a long time applying without much success often become their own biggest obstacle. While each job application and interview offers a fresh opportunity, we often can’t help but carry with us feelings of rejection from previous experiences. The less confident you feel, the more...

Those who are feeling discouraged from a lengthy job search can help themselves by making a list of accomplishments, what can be called a “brag list.”

The process of putting the list together will not only help candidates feel more confident but also help them recall accomplishments that th...

Those who have been out of the workforce for a prolonged period may feel tempted to respond to a large number of postings in hopes that they get a response. But this tactic, which is like throwing spaghetti against the wall to see what sticks, can ultimately serve to further discourage applicants...

Job seeking can be an isolating experience, especially for those who have been at it for a while, and that sense of loneliness can make it even harder to find success.

If people know what you’re looking for, or what you’re interested in or what you’re trying to figure out, there’s a greater...

Job seekers who struggle to land a position often feel helplessly stuck in neutral, but there’s a lot they can do to drive their job search forward. Rather than focusing on the ultimate goal of landing a job, it’s important to establish a series of smaller and more manageable goals along the way....

Much of the job application process is out of the candidate’s control, but those who are really struggling to land their dream job are encouraged to take a hard look at their strategy and consider what mistakes they might be repeating.

It can be how they talk about the old boss/company, som...

There really are only a small group of people who can say for sure why you weren’t selected for a given job, and those are the evaluators themselves, which makes their feedback incredibly valuable.

One can gently try asking: I had a wonderful time meeting you; sorry it didn’t work out. ...

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