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The Six Thinking Hats founded by Edward de Bono are nothing but Six different paradigms to think and analyze a topic while case-studying it. Most of the MBA and management professionals use this strategy.


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White Hat (Factual Hat

White Hat (Factual Hat

This hat stands in the beginning for scaling up the information you need, the reason to use it, the source and the advantage for having it.

The journalists and technical writers have a strong influence over this hat.


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Yellow Hat (The +ve Hat)

Yellow Hat (The +ve Hat)

The hat strives for going into optimistically using the the given topic to drive out new opportunities and using the condition to your advantage. The negative effects are skipped in this paradigm of thinking.

The daily news channels and media never bother with this hat, they always showcase the grief effects.


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Green Hat (The Creative Hat)

Green Hat (The Creative Hat)

The hat begins to focus on your creative thinking and the lucrative areas in which the ideas could be followed.

Green hats off! to Steve Jobs, Peter Thiel and Elon Musk.


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Red Hat (The Hat For The Heart

Red Hat (The Hat For The Heart

The hat bonds with your heart, your vision for going through an idea must be emotional and the pathos (emotions) comes into action and logos (logic) fells asleep.

Mostly involves FMCG and food chain products disguising into the course of taste and feel like Mcdonald, Manforce & Coca Cola.


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Black Hat (The Judge's Hat)

Black Hat (The Judge's Hat)

This hat is also known as Holmes's Hat, the material involves critical thinking and powerful decision-making skills, eliminating previous judgements to give out best result.

The team will definetly win if a person being able to think extreme and effective, is present in yours.

Hello, is it Harvey Spectre ?


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Blue Hat (The Author's Hat)

Blue Hat (The Author's Hat)

The hat mostly arrives at the end, it involves using the peer judgements to arrive to a prime conclusion or a summary to be taken regarding the topic.

The writers and authors use this hat after every autobiography for conclusions based on life experiences.


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"Many highly intelligent people are poor thinkers. Many people of average intelligence are skilled thinkers. The power of a car is separate from the way the car is driven"



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An inevitable search for Attitude, Psychology and Startups


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