3 Career Tactics From a TOPGUN Fighter Pilot - Deepstash
3 Career Tactics From a TOPGUN Fighter Pilot

3 Career Tactics From a TOPGUN Fighter Pilot

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TOPGUN is a big movie but in reality, it's very different with the movie. “The real TOPGUN, the real schoolhouse, is a leadership laboratory. It’s a laboratory for personal performance and human dynamics,” Snodgrass said. “Some of the big lessons you learn [there] apply to a wide variety of individuals.”

Here are three lessons from Top Gun school as brought by Commander Guy Snodgrass, a real life Top Gun instructor that can be applied for anyone in every field.


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1. Be Confident, Not Cocky

1. Be Confident, Not Cocky

You need to be confident, deliver your work with the best skill, the best quality of you but always stay humble. You need to be confident, not arrogance or cocky.

In reality, there is no TOP GUN trophy, it's just the movie. You want to be the best that you can be, but it’s not at the expense of the person to your left or your right. You want to work together collaboratively. This applied not only in military but in every aspect of jobs/business.


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2. Stay Calm Under Pressure

2. Stay Calm Under Pressure

In Navy, there's a word said "Calm is smooth, smooth is steady, steady is fast". When facing an emergency, your mind will naturally desire a solution immediately. Instead, pause and assess the situation to ensure you have accurate information to act on, plan your action. Then, when you choose to act, you can do so steadily and quickly.

Calm will control your emotion, as emotion is the enemy of good judgment. Emotions can sometimes serve as mental blinders.


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3. Find Your Wingmen

3. Find Your Wingmen

Create an entire network of wingmen and women, and you make available a panoply of skills, expertise, and personalities to draw on for years to come, able to propel your career.

Snodgrass warns against viewing your network as exclusively self-serving. “You want to foster genuine friendships and not just that transactional type of relationship.”

Connect with people you don't need anything from, be genuine to learn from what they are doing, as you can learn anything from anyone you cross path with.


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TOPGUN fighter pilot Guy Snodgrass shares his 3 key leadership lessons from the cockpit.

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