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How to be Socially Charming

How to be Socially Charming

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You appear charming to others

You appear charming to others

  • When people notice you are sure about yourself. This communicates strength.
  • When people see you are not trying to be confident. Trying reveals desperation. Desperation isn't sexy.
  • When you allow others to be themselves in your presence. You allow others to shine and aren't intent upon hogging the attention or making it about yourself.
  • When people see that you are not about competing with others. Nobody enjoys someone who makes it about their ego to be above or better than others.
  • When people notice that you actively listen and appreciate what others are saying. You make others feel seen.


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You appear charming to others

  • When you choose to speak, you speak intelligently and have got jokes. Intelligence with self-effacing humor is charming. It shows that you are smart but at the same time you understand that the world doesn't revolve around you.


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Stop Trying to Impress People

Stop Trying to Impress People

Humans are not the object that you need to impress. They are neither worthy nor unworthy. They are just like you are.

You can't control others. Why not focus entirely on controlling your conduct and centering it around values that make you respect yourself?

Your expectations must be to uphold your values. How dignified, mannerful, and decent you are to your fellow human species is how you decide what to think of yourself.


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Make Your Mind a Beautiful Place

Make Your Mind a Beautiful Place

The motivation to 'Improve talking skills so people will like you more' is desperate.

Instead focus on making your mind a beautiful place filled with knowledge, facts, wisdom, and perspectives, and people will enjoy conversing with you as a result.


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