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The Hidden Toll of Microstress

The Hidden Toll of Microstress

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Sources and Effects of Microstress

  1. Microstresses that drain your capacity to get things done
  2. Microstresses that deplete your emotional reserves.
  3. Microstresses that challenge your identity


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Fighting Microstress

  • Push back on microstress
  • Be attuned to the microstress you are causing others
  • Keep them in perspective by being part of diversemultiple groups


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The Power of Other People

  • Engaging with others also helps you get a better sense of how to frame an issue, especially if you can zoom out to see it in context. You’re more likely to be able to say, “I’m not the only person who has had this experience,” or, “Other people have it much worse than I do.” That kind of perspective can help rightsize microstress


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emotional burdens don’t weigh on you as much when you’re immersed in a multidimensional life. “You tend not to ruminate on your problems when you are around other people who engage your full attention in a positive way,”



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