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Your Brain Doesn't Work the Way You Think It Does

Your Brain Doesn't Work the Way You Think It Does


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Your brain predicts your experiences

Your daily experiences is a carefully controlled illusion constructed by your brain. The hallucination creates all your experiences and guides your actions.

This is the way your brain gives meaning to the sensory inputs of your body and the world. You are ...

We assume outside events cause our anger or anxiety. But emotions are made by your brain as you need them. 

This means the more you know and understand emotions, the more you can influence how your brain will construct them. 

The brain's most important job is not thinking or feeling.

It is to keep you alive and healthy. Every thought you have, or emotion you feel, or action you take is to support your body. Your brain's job is then to anticipate the needs of your body en meet it before it arrive...

Instead of passively observing reality, your brain is predicting your reality. What will I do in the next moment? How did I act the last time I was in this situation?

Predicting and correcting is far more efficient than only reacting. So, your brain is making informed guess...

You are more responsible for your actions than you think. This is because you're the only person who can change the way things are.

The actions your brain takes today will become your brains' predictions tomorrow. So making an effort to cultivate new experiences today and l...

What we experience as reality is a combination of the world inside our bodies and what is going on in the world outside. For example, a person can see a gun where there is no gun. If a soldier's heart is racing and has trouble inspecting the visual input, his brain might pred...

The brains' most important job is to control the systems of your body in an efficient way. Your energy efficiency is like a budget that consists of resources like water, salt, and glucose. Every time your brain has to learn something new, it has to withdraw from the budget.

When the body is running a deficit from chronic stress, the body stops spending. It means you stop moving your body, and you stop learning. You're not sleeping enough because of all the worries. 

If you don't make deposits, such as enough sleep, healthy eating, giving and g...

Emotional granularity is the ability to put emotion into words.

Emotion is an event where your brain uses your current knowledge about your feelings to make sense of the changes in your body (increased heart rate, heavy breathing, etc.). It connects the sense data and the ...

If you are running a body budget deficit, you may feel lousy. But if you're not a very granular person, feelings of anger, sadness, fear all mean the same thing to you. In this case, your brain might struggle to know how to deal with the situation. Do you have a drink of water? Do you go for ...

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