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6 Reasons Why You Feel Emotional

6 Reasons Why You Feel Emotional

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Good Stress

Positive sources of stress can be a major career moment like a promotion or receiving funding for a project you’re thrilled about.

Getting engaged and planning your dream wedding can be immensely stressful, no matter how good you feel about your upcoming nuptials. Buying a house, a huge indicator of success in our society, can bring up a lot of stress as well. 

It isn’t uncommon for some to downplay their stress when it is tied to something positive.


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What Can You Do About It?

Speaking to others who relate to the stress success can bring is one way to begin processing your feelings. Exploring ways to soothe stress on a daily basis, like a consistent meditation practice, can contribute to your overall mental health.


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Financial Problems

A study conducted in 2020 states 11.4% of the United States population is living in poverty.

Additionally, the stress of the pandemic has led to mass layoffs and some deciding their position is no longer a good fit for them. It is no secret that financial instability is a major source of stress.


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What Can You Do About It?

Assess things you may be able to control, whether that is negotiating payment deferments or applying for state-funded forms of assistance.

You can also try reaching out to a social worker or a non-profit that can help connect you to resources in your community.

Finally, reach out to your community. It can feel taboo to talk about money woes with others, but the reality is many of us have been financially stretched to our limit. There’s power in communal support. 


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Relationship Issues

Falling in love and ending a relationship can breed emotional turmoil. While falling in love is often associated with moments of bliss, it can also bring up unwanted emotions.

For instance, for folks who have experienced negative romantic experiences in the past, it can be scary to open up to someone new. Ending a relationship can be deeply painful. 

Divorce, even when it is something that you want and know will contribute to your overall well-being, is also a highly stressful event.


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What Can You Do About It?

Couples therapy is incredibly helpful, even if the goal is an amicable dissolution of a relationship.

If you find that you’re struggling with communication issues, exploring how you can shift your communication style can decrease the severity of painful emotions. Looking into the nonviolent communication method is a great place to start. 


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Burnout is most commonly understood as extreme fatigue and a complete lack of enthusiasm for one’s job.

This can result in feelings of irritability, sadness, and even fear. Since the start of the pandemic and the rise of working from home, burnout has become more prevalent than ever.


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What Can You Do About It?

Scheduling days off regularly, ensuring you’re doing things that bring you joy, and setting boundaries with your job responsibilities are all ways to combat burnout symptoms.

In addition, try identifying the biggest stressors in your life. While it's important to relieve symptoms, you want to make sure you're addressing and healing the root cause of your discomfort as best you can.


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Whether is childhood trauma, a strained relationship with family members, or high expectations from your parents, it is completely normal for your family life to be a source of complicated emotions.

Beginning to understand your triggers is a great place to start. Do you get nervous around the holidays? Is your birthday always a hard day?


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What Can You Do About It?

Begin planning ahead for the times you know you may be especially emotionally activated. If you’ve experienced childhood trauma, somatic therapy can be especially helpful. 


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A Word From VeryWell

We don’t have to know the cause of every emotion we experience. As humans, we are simply emotional beings and it is a gift to be able to feel into the complexity of life. If your feelings are becoming too overwhelming, it may be time to seek additional help.


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