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How to feel alive again

How to feel alive again

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Commit to noticing the world around you

Commit to noticing the world around you

We have to find the humility to be open to experience every single day and to allow ourselves to learn something. Let yourself go past those thoughts that tell you it’s silly or pointless or a waste of time, or you’re far too busy to possibly do this. 

Instead give yourself permission to want that in the first place — to crave that contact with the sacred, and that feeling of being able to commune with something that’s bigger than you are. First, you must “give in to the fascination” that you feel in everyday moments.


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Ask yourself one simple question

Ask yourself one simple question

Start asking yourself questions like: What soothes you?

It might be going on a walk. Or visiting an art museum. Maybe you enjoy watching the shifting clouds.

For some people, that soothing moment might be found in a place of worship, or while staring at the moon.


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Contemplate and reflect in your own way

Contemplate and reflect in your own way

The problem wasn’t that we don't try hard enough. It's more about how the rules are created by someone who have never walked in our shoes.

You don't have to follow the same habits of successful people and follow them the exact same way they do it. Like meditation, everyone has a different time and way to meditate. It's not just about clearing your brain. It's about slowing processing all those thoughts which are itching at the back of your head. 


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Do it because it feels good

Do it because it feels good

People tend to think that seeking pleasure for pleasure’s sake is somehow naïve. We are more likely to assign worth to things that are considered practical and efficient.

You don't need to continue your childhood hobby if it does not bring you joy just because you read a woke article on some website about reawakening your old self. 

It's about doing something because it feels good to you, it soothes your soul and calms your mind. To find the missing piece of yourself in the noise and chaos of the world around you. 


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Teaching ourselves to find peace in the humdrum of the society and pursuing the things which makes us feel alive again

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