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The ABC Of life

Suffering is a personal matter that can't be shared by anyone else and how we must find within ourselves the strength to sail through it. Even a wise person can be taken off-guard by an unexpected and unpleasant event and how each individual is affected differently by the same situation.

This idea mentions the importance of right view of life and how we must take responsibility for our own suffering and accept the inevitability of loss. It suggests that we fill our hearts with loving-kindness and our minds with good thoughts in order to overcome suffering.


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The Gifts Of Hur

Detachment helps us handle unexpected offerings and put things in perspective, to be compassionate and graceful even in adversity. In this conditional world, our attachments blind us and crush us, they don’t do us any good. The day you realize and internalize this truth, your life will never be the same again. Don’t take the ember or hurl it. Put it to use. Simply be mindful. It helps.


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Wake Up

Seeing the world from another person’s perspective is not that we must do what they do in their world. Often, it simply means that we bring a whole range of possibilities to our world, so that we don’t become stagnant and regressive. After all, progress at any level is nothing more than the acceptance of a new way of life, a new dimension, another perspective. Challenge yourself. The journey to a new life begins with a new way of thinking. Wake up!


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Leave Your Regrets Behind

One way to get past your past and your regrets is to give your life meaning. Once you discover the meaning, the purpose of your life, you no longer remain the old you. The new you is born in the same body. It becomes a whole lot easier to shed your old tendencies as your newfound meaning becomes your guiding and driving force.


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Life Is A Struggle

Life may be a straight road, but it is rarely a smooth one. Certain stretches, some aspects of it may be velvety, but overall, it is topsy-turvy to keep you alive, to keep you awake. Enjoy the ride. Imagine you are standing on the roadside and moments of life are passing by like the traffic on a freeway. Life doesn’t stop for anyone, it doesn’t stop to listen to complaints or compliments. Our earth, even other planets, don’t stop rotating or revolving, not even for a moment, lest they lose their existence. The intricate, interdependent and fascinating play of Nature never comes to a halt.


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Whenever you are down or disturbed, whenever you feel lost or low, just touch your heart and tell yourself that this time will pass. Whenever you are over the moon or think you have the best life, tap your heart again and remind yourself that this time won’t last either. In the fullness of time, the present moment must make way for the next present moment. The present must yield to the future. This ceaseless play of moments emerging and passing is what gives beauty to the unpredictability of our lives. It’s beyond comprehension or control.


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Your happiness is completely in your hands, as is your awakening. The more mindful you are with your words, actions and intentions, the less aggression you harbour towards others and yourself. The gentler you are with yourself, the happier you will be. More happiness equals goodness. Our world could do with some more. Be kind. At all times. And you will be awakened. Samsara, even if transient and illusory, couldn’t be more beautiful then.


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The Center Of Your Life

You always draw your energy and inspiration from whoever is the centre of your life. In love, you become the one you love. If it’s a materialistic person, you’ll find yourself becoming increasingly materialistic too. If he or she is a spiritual person, you’ll evolve into a calmer person. If he or she is the restless or narcissistic type, you’ll feel restless and anxious yourself. If the centre of your life is beauty, divinity, compassion, God and such like, you’ll become an embodiment of that. Choose carefully.


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A Spiritual Att

The more spiritual your perspective, the grander your life becomes. Forgiveness, selflessness, patience, compassion and gratitude naturally flow unrestrained like Himalayan waterfalls during monsoons.Be patient. Give before you take, give a lot more than you wish to take. Nature will reciprocate. It never fails.


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The Price Of Freedom

Freedom is not I-don’t-care-or-whatever-attitude. That’s ignorance. True freedom is I-know-what’s-at-stake-and-therefore-I’ll-act-accordingly.

Be responsible, be free.


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The best apology is to understand, to feel, to completely accept, and unconditionally at that, that our actions have caused pain to the other person. Don’t pollute your apology by citing a reason or a justification, don’t ruin it by saying it without meaning it. It’ll cause the other person greater pain. You can either choose an apology or an excuse, not both.


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The Narcissi

As Mahatma Gandhi said, ‘I will not let anyone walk through my mind with their dirty feet.’ Don’t let anyone else’s behaviour change yours. The real you, the eternal you, your soul, is beyond all this. No one can hurt you, no one can go there unless you let them. Since you can’t change them, emit vibrations of love.


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Realizing Your Potential

The world will not remember us for what we kept to ourselves, but what we gave away. We will not be honoured for what we could have done, but what we did. We are not respected for our potential, but our action. We are not valued for the intentions we have, but the outcome we deliver. We don’t feel good for what we can do, but for what we actually do. If that’s the case, which it is, we may as well reclaim our gifts and do our best. At least, we’ve got to try. Why just aim for the moon when you can land on it?


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Nothing connects like a kind gesture. And, nothing connects forever. The cosmic design just doesn’t cater to it.


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Stories We Tell

We have a story for everything that happens to us. For every single one of our feelings and actions, we tell ourselves a story. Change your story if you want to change your life.


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The only true and eternal relationship you have is with your self. Live it. Love it. Value it. It’s worth it.


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A Thousand Marble

Slow down, pause. Stop. Is this what you really want to be doing? Which path you wish to walk is entirely your prerogative. Just be mindful.


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The Tearing Though

Our thoughts and feelings compose us, and our actions and words decompose us. What we play in our actions and speech is merely what we have known in our thoughts and emotions. If you feed your mind and heart with noble thoughts and feelings, your mindset and beliefs will turn noble automatically. This leads to transformation of one’s attitude. The six ingredients of the divine pudding will easily subdue a pinch of tearing thought. Garnish it with a smile. Be noble.


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Shedding Your Past

Let the light of the heart merge with the infinite light around you. Darkness will not matter then. If anything, it will only give greater depth, purpose and meaning to your life.


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Whom To Please

Maturity comes naturally in love, like warmth in the winter sun. All else is an illusion of love; perhaps it is attachment.


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What I Could Have Done

The moment you get in touch with yourself and find your spiritual footing, you will no longer have the question of how you should have acted. Thereafter, when squeezed, goodness will drip from you like honey from a hive.


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Why Good People Suffer

It doesn’t matter whether one is the boy, the crocodile, the donkey or the rabbit; there are no guarantees in life. And perhaps, this uncertainty is what makes our life adventurous.


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Betrayal Of Trust

Guru is not a position of absolute power but a conduit of unreasonable compassion. He will never abuse power because he doesn’t hold any power to begin with; only love. A true guru will never tell you to tread his path blindly, instead he’ll encourage you to find your own. He’s gentle like the flowing river, warm like the winter sun, bright like the full moon, rejuvenating like the first summer rain. And, if you don’t feel gentle, warm, bright and rejuvenated yourself in his company, he’s not the right guru for you.


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Your Opinion About Yourself

How you see yourself matters a great deal more than how others see you because your happiness and peace is dependent on your own honest view about yourself.


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Honouring Your Word

Amidst all the distractions and temptations, we have a duty to speak and act with sincerity. To keep a word of honour is to build a world of honour.


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The Spirit of Service

The ability to care for and serve others is what distinguishes an ordinary person from an enlightened one.


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Enlightenment is an ongoing affair. No doubt, there can be a transformational moment that changes something in you forever. Living that change, however, is a matter of mindfulness and more.


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The Secret Of Being Positive

Being positive comes naturally to the one who leads a life sans pretense. If you are honest about yourself, you will be realistic about what you can or can’t do. Such realism will help you in being positive. This is the secret of positivity.

Be real, be simple.


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From Suffering To Happiness

The path to bliss and peace begins with responsibility. Take responsible steps, speak responsible words, act responsibly. Before long, you will find the joy of inner peace straining against your consciousness, like the spring breeze against the blooming trees, caressing your soul, filling your cup. From the noise of expectations, like the rustle of cicadas on a midsummer day stridulating passionately from the dry grass of desires, your whole being will murmur with bliss, like the gentle mountain stream under the soft winter sun.


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A Story Of Grac

At any rate, rather than burning your heart with jealousy, envy and covetousness, it’s far more rewarding to ignite the fire of truth and compassion. It burns all afflictions.


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The Course Of Gri

Like creatures of the sea, our feelings, too, have a life of their own. Accept them to be at peace. The moment you are in harmony with all that you have in you, you naturally reach a tranquil state. And how could you be in harmony? Be mindful. Be grateful. Love and gratitude are the only terminal points of grief.


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The River Of Life

Surely, we want to be in control and lead our lives the way we prefer. But, if you ask me, the very idea of shaping is incomplete. We are not a piece of clay that needs moulding or a rock that requires sculpting. Maybe, we are just a gift from the Universe, a tiny seed that’s waiting to be sprouted. Maybe, you just need a bit of nurturing, a bit of care and you’ll emerge as a tender sapling first, and later, a giant tree laden with fruits of love and kindness. After all, everything is already there in you, just waiting to be discovered.


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The Last Letter

know that one day it’s going to come to an end. Live your life like you love it and care for it. We really don’t have the time to spend on petty thoughts, emotions, grudges, resentment, negativity. And, if you think you do, think again.


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