A neuroscientist shares the 4 ‘highly coveted’ skills that set introverts apart: ‘Their brains work differently’ - Deepstash

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What sets introverts apart from extroverts

What sets introverts apart from extroverts

Don’t get the author wrong: Both extroverts and introverts have wonderful qualities. But research shows that introverts may have the upper hand.

Here are four highly coveted skills that set introverts apart from everyone else:


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1. Introverts think more.

1. Introverts think more.

  • Gray matter, which exists in the outer most layer of the brain, serves to process and release new information in the brain.
  • One Harvard study found that introverts’ brains work differently, and have thicker gray matter compared to extroverts.
  • Another study that scanned brains of both introverts and extroverts found that, even in a relaxed state, the introverted brain was more active, with increased blood flow.


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2. Introverts can focus longer.

When Albert Einstein — a known introvert — was a child, his teachers thought he was a quiet loner who seemed a million miles away, lost in his thoughts.

It’s that I stay with problems longer.”

  • This ability to focus intensely is a key characteristic of introverts, who often have more extended focus than extroverts.


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3. Introverts are often “gifted” in a specific field.

  • On average, introverts and extroverts are the same in terms of intelligence.
  • But statistics show that around 70% of gifted people are introverts .
  • People are considered “gifted” when they exhibit above-average intelligence or a superior talent for something, such as music, art or math.


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4. Introverts do the right thing.

  • Introverts tend to be less swayed by external events and driven more by their inner moral compass.
  • A 2013 study on social conformity found that extroverts are more willing to go along with the opinion of the majority, even if it’s wrong.
  • The researchers concluded: “The higher the pressure, a larger number of conforming responses are given by extroverts.”


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How to create a workplace where introverts thrive

How to create a workplace where introverts thrive

  • Respect boundaries. Don’t expect people to answer every email or Slack message immediately.
  • Brainstorm alone.
  • Shorten meetings.
  • Don’t force a certain type of communication. Encourage people to decide how they want to communicate (e.g., turning cameras on or off), even if it differs from yours.
  • Provide the option of privacy.


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