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Perception is Not Only a Matter of Now: Our Past Influences What We See

Perception is Not Only a Matter of Now: Our Past Influences What We See

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The Previous, The Subsequent And The Average

When observing an object, what we see might not be an accurate representation of its actual size. Instead, our perception might be influenced by previously viewed objects – a large object might make the subsequent one seem bigger than it is, and vice versa for a small object.

This visual bias is linked with early visual-evoked brain activity and is driven by the residual information retained by neural populations in our brain’s basic visual analysis levels. In essence, what we see is an ‘average’ our brain creates between what’s happening before our eyes and what has occurred in the past.


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Representations Rather Than Faithful Reptroductions

Recently published research in the Journal of Neuroscience, reaffirms an intriguing concept in neuroscience: our perceptions are often distorted representations of the external world, rather than faithful reproductions.

The researchers suggest that this bias arises from a mismatch between our brain’s limited computational resources and the multitude of stimuli bombarding our senses.

This distortion helps our brain find regularities, making the external world more predictable and manageable.


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“An idea is something that won’t work unless you do.” - Thomas A. Edison


New research underlines the brain’s role not only as a receptor but also a constructor of reality.

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