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Setting the Scene for a Productive Day

Setting the Scene for a Productive Day


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When you leverage the fact that you have emotional and mental responses to specific places, you can dramatically increase your productivity. 

Each person’s optimal environment will look a bit different, but there are a few general elements to take into consideration....

The Right Reminders

Trigger your mind to change activities with small physical cues:

  • standing up instead of perching on your chair at your elevated desk; 
  • moving your mouse from one side of the keyboard to the other; 
  • sliding your chair over to a different portion of you...

The Right Tools

Have all of the tools you need laid out organized and within arm’s reach. This makes you more efficient and reduces your resistance to doing a certain task because it requires getting up to fetch something. 

If you can’t leave everything out or you have a mobile working situatio...

The Right Distractions

Some people are creative in a quiet environment, while others hit the flow state to the pounding beat of their favorite song. 

Neither pattern of activity is right or wrong. The essential point is that to be aware of aware of what works for you when working. You can ...

The Right Surroundings

If a custom workspace isn’t feasible, make small adaptations to your workspace: 

  • Bringing in a small lamp with a soft white light bulb for a warmer glow
  • Keeping fresh flowers or plants in your area
  • Putting up some favorite pieces of art or inspiring quo...

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