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MY Journal of 2 Years

MY Journal of 2 Years

I have been journaling my thoughts since I started content creation because I wanted to become better at creative writing.

Whenever I had a good notion, I stopped and wrote it down in the Notes App on my smartphone.

I even started keeping a diary under my pillow because Some of My Good ideas came to me while I was trying to sleep.

So what you're about to read are some of my most personal thoughts and opinions. I want to share these epiphanies because I believe that they can be helpful to someone. It's long so take your time while reading this, it's my journal of two years.


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On Vision

On Vision

One of the biggest lessons I have learnt the hard way. It’s no one else’s responsibility that your future is taken care of. You have to follow your vision alone. You don’t want to get caught up in other people’s dreams unless it aligns with yours.

You have to do things yourself, you can ask for assistance but it will always be you who will save yourself and who will make your dreams come true. No one else is going to do it for you and time is of the essence because if you do not show up to make your dreams come true then society will propel you to choose the dream they have decided for you.


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How to Detach from the Outcome

How to Detach from the Outcome

Whenever I feel like I am attaching myself too much to the outcome or external validation or something that is out of my control, I repeat this Mantra in my head continuously which takes away all the anxious thoughts and calms me down.

The Mantra is: "Everything I desire is within me".

This brings back all the attention and energy you have attached to external things and you become the centre of focus of your energy which instantly makes you more calm.


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On Temptations

On Temptations

There is a dense fog that is keeping you in the dark called temptations. It can only be lifted with self-regulation and Self-discipline. 

The Fate of the man is to live a life of self-regulation and Self-discipline or he is a menace to society. 

Conformity is also a temptation.


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Contribution to society

Contribution to society

Contribution to society is the byproduct of following your most deepest and selfish desires. The most selfless thing you can do is to be selfish.


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Too much Hard work is Harmful

Too much Hard work is Harmful

Don't get me wrong I'm a big fan of hard work. My parents' answer to most of my problems was nothing but hard work. However, trying too hard may produce negative results. So Sometimes it's better to sit in your power and attract. Because when you chase something you do it from a lack of mindset. But when you attract, you do it from a mindset of abundance. Sometimes it's okay to say "I AM ENOUGH".


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On Alcohol, Pornography and drugs

On Alcohol, Pornography and drugs

Anything that gives you immediate gratification is Hollow because It uses pleasures as a facade to lure you into its hollowness. It has no wisdom and truth, all it is capable of is just empty pleasures.

It is like a mirage in a desert which lures you into the abyss and leaves you barren yet wanting for more.

How long will you be fooled by empty pleasures? 

Anything worthwhile emboldens you to be persistent and perseverant. It calls out for your soul demands alignment between action and words, And most importantly delays gratification.


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On Goals

On Goals

Choose a Goal so inspiring that all the fog clears away and your True Self Awakens.

Choose a Goal so worthy that Your Ego begins to thunder.

Choose a Goal so ambitious that all your addictions look trivial in the pursuit of it.

Achieve any goals in 3 Steps

1)Continuous Visualisation with relentless passion.

2)Quality of intention on the object of attention.

3)Countless Executions on the Intention without attachment to the outcome.

You have two choices in life, either work on your goals or work for someone who has goals.


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On Monotony

On Monotony

You will meet monotony even when you walk the path of passion. It’s naive to think that once you go after your passion you will not stumble upon things that are monotonous. 

Your answer lies in the craftsmanship philosophy: Finding meaning in meaningless things.


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On Passion

On Passion

Being passionate doesn't mean running around frantically and barely accomplishing anything.

It is being calm like the depth of the ocean on the inside even when you're surrounded by nothing but chaos on the outside. It is, Being able to find solutions even when everything is stacked against you.

Because the Antidote to the chaos of the world is the order of passion within.


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On "Karma"

Good karma is the greatest wealth you can accumulate in the economy of the universe.

Every other type of wealth is an illusion.


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On Morality

On Morality

It's not immoral to desire material abundance but abusing your soul for it definitely is.

Morality as a compass, and productivity as a ship cruising towards utility as a destination.

Don't stick to your morals because you can look down on others, stick to it because you are not shredding your soul into pieces for some cheap pleasures. Stick to it because it brings peace into your life.


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“I’m okay the way I am” is complacency.

“I am enough” is self-acceptance.

"I am Enough"  Has this subtle implication that even though I have flaws, I am worth it. I can overcome anything while being open to self-improvement.


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On Meaning in life and addictions

On Meaning in life and addictions

One thing you will notice is that once you attach yourself to a meaningful goal you become immune to all sorts of life-threatening forces and addictions. And If you are aimless then you become vulnerable to all sorts of life-threatening forces and addictions.

so we can say being aimless is a vice, not a virtue.


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On Healing

On Healing

One of the biggest parts of a healing journey is being compassionate towards yourself. 

Don't be like “How did I let this happen? or How much of a fool I had been in the past?” Instead, say things like "I did my best to my knowledge.” Or “I was not aware back then but thank god, I know better now."

When Your inner voice sounds like your best friend then you would know you’re being self-compassionate.


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On Healing

On Healing

When you have done enough healing you will be faced with unexpected peace and boredom. The usual inner turmoil and self-criticism will subside and self-acceptance will emerge from within. This is a gift of peace that you have earned by consciously healing yourself. Embrace it!


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On Self-Sabotage

On Self-Sabotage

Thinking along the lines "Either I am gonna do it with perfection or Not gonna do it at all." Is the biggest self-sabotage there is. Just get the job done. Most of the time completion is enough of perfection.

Other Self-sabotaging behaviours

When you want to be awesome on your first try.

When you only do the things that you're comfortable with.

When you ruin your whole day because you didn't wake up at the right time.

When you procrastinate your most important task until the end.


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On Negative thoughts

On Negative thoughts

Use this phrase if you ever find yourself stuck in a negative thought pattern

“Wow, brain what a great worst-case scenario you have created, I am definitely hooked. Now if you don’t mind create a best-case scenario too and flip the script.”

By saying this to yourself, You will stop identifying yourself as your thoughts.

Now when you are done connecting all the positive thoughts in your brain and creating a story, Play that chain of thoughts on a loop until you feel safe and reassured. 


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How to break the Negative thought pattern

How to break the Negative thought pattern

What I often do, when I am surrounded by negative thoughts, is close my eyes and consciously turn every negative thought into different types of butterflies like monarchs, red admiral, and small white, in my mind and Imagine hovering over me. Suddenly they don’t have the same impact on me as before.


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Inner child

Inner child

Becoming An Adult is not about forgetting the child you once were but holding a space where your inner child can express itself freely while being protected by the adult you have become.

I hope it helps you in some way.


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A Romanticist who is trying to understand this world by reading books. You can also follow me on YouTube, I post there quite often.


My Journal of two years.


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