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Unhappy gut bacteria

Unhappy gut bacteria

Bloating is caused by unhappy gut bacteria. Also, bloating can be caused by so many other things: certain foods, stress, some medicines, and alcohol.

  • Stress can play a huge role in whether or not we have a healthy gut. Moreover, stress can be responsible for all sorts of ailments and dysfunctions in our bodies.
  • Knowing how to relax and shield yourself from all these permanent stimulations the modern world offers us is an important skill to master.
  • The modern world is designed to keep you in a stressed state because that’s what gets your attention (social media, news, headlines, etc.).


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What else is poor gut health responsible for?

What else is poor gut health responsible for?

The gut microbiome can be responsible for: breast cancer, cancer, heart disease, depression, and the way your brain is functioning.

Gut health = physical and mental health.

So if we want healthy aging, a long and happy life, to be in a good mood, to have a healthy brain, no menstrual cramps, and easier pregnancy or menopause cycles⇒ we have to improve our gut bacteria and keep it healthy throughout our life.


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Things that are good for gut bacteria

Things that are good for gut bacteria

Exercise and high-fiber foods are good for gut bacteria.

  • In our modern world, 98% of people don’t eat enough food for their gut bacteria, which is fiber (vegetables and fruits).
  • Fiber-rich foods that also help you reduce bloating: spinach, leafy greens, berries, asparagus, spices (turmeric, ginger), fruits, and vegetables (bananas, avocado, pineapple, papaya, celery, parsley, cilantro, and cucumbers).
  • Also, cottage cheese and yogurt are good for your gut if you are not lactose intolerant. Yogurt has some bacteria in it; it’s a probiotic food.


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5-day gut reset protocol

5-day gut reset protocol

Every morning, you should do the FFF routine:

Fasting (12 hours before you have your first meal), Fitness, and Fiber-fermented foods (even out of this 5-day program).

Day 1: Exercise 

When you exercise, your gut bacteria get happy; it’s the best probiotic you could ever take. It doesn’t really matter what exercise you do, just move your body!

Yoga is very good for your gut, as twisting is very beneficial for your gut ⇒ it’s going to get things moving in your gut and reduce bloating. Walking is also an excellent thing to do!

Day 2: Eliminate

Eliminate dairy, gluten, and white sugar.


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Day 3: Eat foods that your gut bacteria love

Day 3: Eat foods that your gut bacteria love

Your gut loves fiber-rich food and protein.

The best proteins for a happy gut are: eggs, fish, beans (but make sure they are really soaked; if not, they can be gas-producing), tofu, yogurt, cottage cheese, and nuts.

However, gut bacteria don’t like fake protein, such as powder protein that is added to shakes, bars, etc. Powder protein (fake, processed protein) can cause bloating. When you try to reset your gut health, try to have protein in its whole form.


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Days 4 and 5

Days 4 and 5

Day 4: Enjoy

When you are stressed, you can’t digest, and you can’t heal. Spend time with people who are good for your mental health.

Gut bacteria love when you spend time with people who make you feel the best. Gut bacteria love bonding (with a friend, people you love, or your pet)!

Also, do something that you enjoy doing. Enjoyment can be very healing for our bodies in general!

Day 5: Put this all together

In the morning, you do your FFF morning routine.

Then, do some Exercises; Eliminate gluten, dairy, and white sugar; Eat foods that your gut bacteria love; do the things that you Enjoy.


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How long do we have to do this reset program?

How long do we have to do this reset program?

As little as 3 days is enough for your gut bacteria to feel better.

On day 3, you can start feeling a lot better. It starts on day 3, and then it gets only better and better the more days you stay on such a diet. In two weeks, you should be remarkably better.


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Does taking a probiotic help?

Does taking a probiotic help?

Our gut is like the Amazon Jungle => there are thousands of different species of good bacteria in there.

The problem with probiotics => if you throw seeds from a plane into a barren land, not knowing what climate you are in or what the weather or soil are like, some seeds may come out of it if you get lucky. But you don’t know for sure; you just throw things at the wall and hope that something sticks.

When you eat probiotic-rich food, the bacteria come in a food matrix, which is more understandable for our gut ecosystem than when you throw a bunch of pills into your body.


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A fecal transplant

A fecal transplant

Healthy bacteria can be delivered through a probiotic, a food matrix, or a fecal (poop) transplant from someone who has a healthy gut and is healthy in general.

A fecal transplant is placed through colonoscopy and is another great way to improve your gut bacteria.

Mood, motivation, and athletic performance can also be transplanted through the gut. It can cure depression, ADHD, and even stop cancer.

Experiment on rats:

Researchers took the patients who had schizophrenia, took their gut bacteria, and put it into mice. After a short time, these rats started exhibiting a change in mental health.


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The people you spend your time with

The people you spend your time with

One of the other ways to get healthy gut bacteria from other humans is just by spending time with people that you want to be like. So, you are going to get a similar microbiome to people you hug, kiss, share food with, and spend most of your time with.

The people you spend your time with influence your gut bacteria ⇒ not only do your bacteria become very similar, but also your personalities (as gut bacteria influence your behavior, mental health, and how happy and successful you are.)


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'If you can dream it, you can do it'- Walt Disney.


It is an interesting approach to how we can reset our gut health in several days and start feeling much better physically and emotionally.


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