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Overwhelming Brutal Truths You Must Accept to Unlock Your Potential

Overwhelming Brutal Truths You Must Accept to Unlock Your Potential



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We all feel like quitting

The moment you stop feeling like you are the only one who has ever wanted to give up, your mind finds it easier to keep going.

That's why reading books and watching videos of people who have wanted to give up is so helpful. It helps us realise that not giving in is where g...

It's easy to think that the whole world is watching your every move and listening to your every word.

That is not the case. That everyday struggle we all experience takes most of our attention, meaning we don't have time or energy to look if you made a mistake.

An opinion is based on someone else's experience of the world that may not be the same as yours.

It's nice to hear opinions and feedback but don't let them hold you back.

Only seeking comfort and avoiding discomfort is guarding you against unlocking your potential. Uncomfortable situations force you to grow.

It's okay to experience comfort at some level, whether it is a warm house, a glass of wine, or a movie.

Most of the work you do in life will fail or go unnoticed. That is fine.

Focus on getting enjoyment and meaning from your work. If you get praised, it will be an added bonus.

You can only go so far when you live from a place of selfishness.

Turning your focus outward creates a different type of potential. Becoming selfless creates teachers, coaches, mentors, advisors, parents, and builds a buffer against inevitable rejections and failures.

You have probably thrown away some of your time, but not your whole life. Unlock more of your potential by taking hold of the time you do have.

Unlocking your potential takes time. Wasting time is very easy to do, and we are all guilty of it.

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