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One minute manager is a book written by Ken Blanchard and Spencer Johnson. It is one of the few books that have stood the test of time. Part of the reason might be that it shows 3 really simple rules for effective management. There is no "complicated" words and nothing too fancy. Just technique proven with time. 


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One minute goal setting

The first idea is that there should be a clear goal that could be explained and understood in one minute. Working without a clear goal in mind is like playing bowling, without knowing that the target is to clear the kegels. You just roll the ball and don't know what to expect. Is hitting the kegels a good or a bad thing? It is the same in work, if you can't set a clear goal for your employees, you can't expect them to be successful at what they do. And the blame is not theirs.


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One minute praise

The second idea is one minute praise. Most people only point out the mistakes, but never really give praise for a job well done. They expect that the job should be well done by default and this requires no need for further discussions. But as humans, no matter how complicated we think we are, we still operate on some primitive principles. Think of when you train your puppy to do tricks, you first show him the trick and upon successful copying of the trick - you reward him with a 'treat'. In other words, you give him 'one minute praise', which in turn motivates him even more to do good job.


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One minute reprimand

Nothing is always perfect. People make mistakes, but they should not be ignored. If ignored, only more will follow. Hence, here comes the one minute reprimand. You point out the mistake. The more specific you are - the better. The focus here should not be to attack the person behind the mistake or his abilities, but centre on the situation. Then, this is followed by a short silence, so the employee can reflect. After which, you pat him on the shoulder (showing him how valuable he is to you) and point out that he is capable of much more.


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The 3 main ideas showed in the book are:

  1. One minute goal setting.
  2. One minute praise.
  3. One minute reprimand.


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3 Simple ideas that you could use to manage effectively.

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