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How to be more productive: 10 productivity tips

How to be more productive: 10 productivity tips

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1. Stop multitasking

  • It’s often tempting to try and multitask. While this may feel productive, but it's not
  • By focusing on just one task at a time, you will complete it to a higher standard and in less time


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2. Set small goals

Don't be overwhelmed by how large task or project is.

  • You can create forward momentum by breaking tasks down into manageable, bite-sized milestones, which build until your project is complete.


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3. Take a break

  • if you work from home or in an office that doesn’t monitor your activity, consider scheduling frequent short breaks of 10/15 minutes.
  • Use this time to step away from your work, enabling your mind to have a rest and return with renewed motivation and potentially new ideas.


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4. The five-minute rule

  • By promising yourself that you will spend just five minutes on an outstanding task, you eliminate many of the excuses that stop you from starting.
  • Often, once the five minutes are finished, the motivation to continue remains.
  • Even if you move on to another productive task, the small jobs completed within the five minutes still represent an important contribution to your overall output. As ever, it is these small tasks that we put off the most.


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5. Time blocking

  • By creating time block frames in your workday schedule, you make the conscious decision to dedicate a ‘block’ of time to a certain task.
  • Time blocks are usually divided into 60 or 90-minute sections.
  • And customize it however you want.


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6. Delegate

Delegation isn’t about offloading work you don’t want to do.

Delegating to others can mean more time is available for higher priority tasks.


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7. Limit distractions

There're so much distractions and focus is a skill that can be developed. 

  • Turn your notifications off, switch your phone to aeroplane mode, or use a productivity app like Freedom.
  • The Pomodoro technique is commonly used to prevent distractions and complete tasks.


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8. Do the hardest thing first

It can be tempting to avoid difficult or time-consuming tasks and instead focus on quick wins.

  • By taking on your most difficult projects first, you can increase your motivation and focus for the rest of the day.
  • Consider prioritising these bigger tasks first in the day, or when you feel most productive.


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9. Set boundaries

  • Setting boundaries stop you from becoming overwhelmed.
  • To complete your tasks effectively and be productive, you must be able to complete them within a reasonable timeframe.


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10. Identify when you’re most productive

Identifying when you are most productive and then organising your daily schedule to make the most of these peak times is an excellent way to increase productivity.


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10 simple yet very effective tips for productivity

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