Five Ways to Cultivate Courage - Mindful - Deepstash
Five Ways to Cultivate Courage - Mindful

Five Ways to Cultivate Courage - Mindful


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Five Ways to Cultivate Courage - Mindful

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Make fear your friend

Your fears will never completely disappear, and you will never win the battle against them. 

When you can finally accept fears and invite them in, it makes courage more accessible.


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Fears can propel us to new heights if we choose to respond to them mindfully instead of reacting to them blindly. 

Doing this allows us to become bigger than our fears and act thoughtfully despite them. 


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The first step is not actually taking action, it’s setting the intention to act. 

Announce that you are committed to taking action. Own it, and have others hold you accountable and inviting them to lift you in support. 


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Sharing your fears and anxieties with others can make them seem far less scary and insurmountable. 

You’ll realize you’re not alone, and once you feel the strength of a community surrounding you and the empathy of others who understand your situation, it’ll be easier to take that leap.


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Do it for others

When our actions impact more than our own lives, the ripple effect, including inspiring others to move to action, can provide us with a great sense of empowerment.


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