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How to Weaponize Virtue

How to Weaponize Virtue

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Moral High Ground

Claiming moral high ground to discredit someone’s argument or dismiss their perspective is the easiest way to spot it. People want to follow others who have high morals. So to show superior moral competency to another party is a good use of moral high ground.

  • undermine perspectives
  • dismiss ideas
  • manipulate the argument


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Virtue Signaling

Committing to a popular moral cause often displays yourself as a more virtuous person. Even if the sole purpose of supporting the cause was publicity, you wouldn’t know. (Such causes might include: BLM, Palestine, LGBTQ campaigns, and so forth.)

  • supporting causes to look more virtuous
  • is a form of publicity and doesn’t necessarily show true virtue
  • It’s trending, so you’ll look better supporting the current thing


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Shaming And Guilt

Shaming and guilt can be very dangerous, because it stems from weaponizing someone else’s virtue and using it against them. By reminding someone of their own shortcomings and faults with their virtues it undermines them. (Basically calling someone hypocritical for not being a virtuous person themselves)

  • Use someone’s own ideals against them
  • Emotionally put down opposing parties
  • Degrade opposition to look better


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Manipulative Altruism

By pretending or acting to be a kind or virtuous person, you leverage others trust for personal gain. If used on opposing parties, this can create a form of debt or obligation that can be taken advantage of later.

  • Display false virtue
  • Leverage trust
  • Create debt or obligations


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Predestined Shortcomings

By setting a moral standard much higher than what can be achieved, you downgrade everyone who can’t meet that standard. From there, you can criticize or punish these shortcomings.

  • Unrealistic expectations
  • Set them up to fail
  • Downgrade the masses rather than one individual at a time


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Exclusivity Of Moral Understanding

By demonstrating that you’re more affluent in a particular moral understanding, you display superiority and make it difficult for people to argue with your moral actions because they are under the assumption that you stand on a higher echelon of understanding.

  • Prevent criticism
  • Demonstrate moral competency
  • Gain a more favorable reputation


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Learn how virtue can be weaponized. This is used in very subtle ways in our everyday life, learn how to spot them or even use them for personal gain.

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