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What Is Beauty? A Philosophical Quest for an Answer

What Is Beauty? A Philosophical Quest for an Answer


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What Is Beauty? A Philosophical Quest for an Answer

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The Nature of Beauty

  • The nature of beauty is a riddle in philosophy, with great figures engaging in trying to understand it, including Plato and Aristotle.
  • An aesthetic attitude makes the engagement and appreciation of beauty using our senses, like taste, smell, vision or touch.
  • Beauty can also be accessed in other ways like intellectually and through imagination.


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An aesthetic attitude is a state of contemplating a subject with no other purpose than appreciating it.

Aesthetic appreciation can be carried on by means of the senses (seeing a beautiful scenery, listening to music, etc.), but it's not restricted to just that. We can rejoice, for instance, in imagining a beautiful house that never existed


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Beauty becomes varied and subjective as people around the world have different perspectives, based on cultural and personal preferences.

The beauty of anything cannot be compared with one another using only the senses, as there can be no common elements in many things of beauty. An oil painting is beautiful and so is picking flowers in a yellow field. While one is seen through our vision, the other is a combination of vision, experience and other senses like smell.


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Human beings, it seems, are genetically predisposed to desire and appreciate beauty.

Philosophy delves into the fundamental question of the ethics and aesthetics of beauty, as it can be both a pleasure and something of value, due to it being dear to humans.


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