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10 Hobbies That Build Confidence and Self-Esteem (2019)



10 Hobbies That Build Confidence and Self-Esteem (2019)
Running the race of life and taking care of mundane things often makes everyone feel tired and sapped of all energy. In these times, your hobbies can become your savior. Not only do they help you to steer clear of boredom but also let you feel refreshed and recharged by taking a breather and doing something that you are passionate about.


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Meditation significantly lowers depression, stress, and anxiety – the key reasons for a restless mind. 

Elimination of these factors greatly helps in improving concentration, thus increasing your productivity level.

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Playing Puzzles

Playing Puzzles

Puzzle games and crosswords are both good mind stimulators and can improve your brain power, confidence, and self-esteem.

Their inherent attractiveness lies in the fact they are challenging. Solving puzzles makes your brain work continuously, thus making you push the limits of your intellect.





A hobby that you can pursue in a relaxed and non-competitive environment opens up the creative windows of your mind. 

Try something like embroidery instead of the usual paintings and water-color drawings.



Learn a New Language

Learn a New Language

The benefits of learning new languages are multifold – from enhancing communication skills in different languages to giving perception and overall smartness a boost and preventing dementia.

Additionally, knowledge of different languages helps significantly in the professional field by expanding and diversifying your career options. 


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Travel Alone

Travel Alone

Although it may sound a little awkward, solo traveling brings several benefits:

  • uplifting your confidence level
  • letting you enjoy quality “Me Time”
  • making you a better trip planner
  • helping you become a better observer. 

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Write Down What You Feel

Write Down What You Feel

Make a list of the things you want to do. It doesn’t matter whether it comprises big or small things.

Rather, it’s the presence of a target that matters. Work through the list regularly and give your best shot to achieve your goals. 

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Give Cooking A Chance

Give Cooking A Chance

Cooking provides 3 main benefits:

  • A great pastime
  • Good health
  • Considerable savings with respect to finances.



Give Self Pep-Talk

Give Self Pep-Talk

Positive self pep-talk can turn out to be a great self-booster.

A self-talk session should have constructive critiques, compliments, sharing of everyday experiences, achievements, repeating positive comments received from worthy people and most importantly, boosting your own morale.



Do Social Work

Do Social Work

Helping others, especially the less fortunate ones, is a great way to contribute and to make yourself feel happy and worthy.

You can take small steps and do it on your own, like offering food, clothes, or education to a few. Or, you can volunteer for a community cause like cleaning up the neighborhood. 



Learn a New Instrument or Dance

Learn a New Instrument or Dance

Playing an instrument not only takes you to a different world but improves fine-motor skills, eye-hand coordination, and cognitive development, apart from boosting your IQ. 

You may even opt for dancing, which is a significantly low-cost hobby that helps you to enjoy your pastime and even stay fit in the process.




Buying New Books

Lifelong learners are often found browsing for books on Amazon, visiting their local library or book stores. They also ask people for book suggestions, especially ...

Asking Questions During Class

Deep engagement with learning makes the experience more valuable and easier to remember.

You can take notes about the material to ask questions later or even send questions by email or ask for an appointment.

Learning To Earn

Continuing education is vital to maintain your career growth. Lifelong learners view their education as a portfolio with several components.

If you want to earn more, consider learning sales and marketing skills. Those skills are useful even for non-sales jobs.

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Connection and belonging

Connection and belonging

These are essential for a healthy and happy life.

Humans need close connections to be healthy, no matter the form they take: friendship, marriage, or family.

Meditation reduces stress and anxiety

Meditation improves your quality of life and boosts your immune system.

Research showed that meditation decreases anger and improves sleep, even among prison inmates.

The positive health effects of religion and spirituality

People with strong faith release control of their struggles and worries to a higher power, which helps to relieve anxiety and stress.

Religious groups also offer a strong source of community and friendships, which is critical for health and happiness.

Build lasting self-esteem

  • Use positive affirmations correctly and make them more believable.
  • Identify your competencies and find opportunities that accentuate them.
  • Learn to accept compliments, ev...