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5 Ways to Overcome Mental Blocks

5 Ways to Overcome Mental Blocks

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Ask For Help

No one is truly successful alone and you can’t get different results by doing the same things. By asking for help, you benefit from someone else’s perspective and give them the opportunity to help solve a problem.

Just ensure that you ask someone whose opinion you trust and that has experience with similar situations.


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Change The Environment

Often, our blocks result from us getting stuck in an unwanted pattern of thought. It becomes a routine and eventually an unwanted rut.

Changing your inner or outer environment disrupts our routines and can be incredibly effective at helping us broaden our perspective. Ultimately, it’ll help us see new solutions to old problems.


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Change The Channel

Blocks arise when we focus on what we don’t want, instead of what we do want. 

A good way to remove the block is to spend some time doing something completely unrelated to the problem you are working on.


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Seek Out Sweat Sessions

An effective way to get creative and circumvent blocks is to engage in high-intensity activities that ground you in the present. Anything that gets you into a different environment, preferably one with fresh air and nature, often does the trick.


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Hit The Shower

Blocks happen when we are not in the present. 

Showers bring our attention firmly back to the present moment and allow us to relax, enabling us to develop more ideas and creative solutions to our problems. They also have positive effects on our health and outlook in life.


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