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Office Productivity Tips: How to Setup a Desk to Create Better Focus

Office Productivity Tips: How to Setup a Desk to Create Better Focus
1. Throw distractions away from work desk I am going straight to the point here -  Do not put your smartphone on your work desk! I learned this lesson in my previous company where I charged my smartphone on a standing phone charger that was placed on my desk.


Key Ideas

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Throw distractions away 

Throw distractions away 

Do not put your smartphone on your work desk. 

Even though turning off all notifications and turning the device to silent mode might eliminate distraction, having it physically there would give your mind a subconscious signal that someone might be looking for you.




Keep your desk setting simple

Keep your desk setting simple

You'll find yourself more focused and motivated. The key here is having lots of desk space where you could draw and write things on.

It takes discipline to keep the work desk as clean and simple as possible, but it is certainly worth the effort and is a great habit to have.



What symbolizes the current focus

Ask yourself: How can I alter and create a work environment to work towards my productivity?

Put things that you currently focus on in front of you. 




Increase your focus by setting goals

Whenever you have issues focusing, try setting goals. The most important tip anybody could give you at this point is that the smaller the goal, the better the result. Therefore, try focusing on one...

Organize your tasks for a better focus

Organizing your tasks according to their difficulty level has only positive effects on your work. You will not only keep track of what has been done and what remains to be done, but you will also make sure that both difficult and easy tasks are being performed.

Scheduling improves your focus

Carefully scheduling your daily program enables you to reach a better focus. As you plan your day, you should take care of dividing your tasks according to the available time. This way you will know from the beginning of the day what and when needs to be done, which will reduce considerably the time to make decisions, which is one of the main distractions when thinking to start a new task. Furthermore, including breaks in your schedule is almost essential, as these allow you to  recharge your batteries and, therefore, work more efficiently afterwards.

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Willpower is Limited

Willpower is Limited

Though companies like Nike try to ignite our willpower with their slogans, ultimately willpower cannot squash our subconscious and unconscious behavior.

Repetition of action and thought can...

Knowledge is not Enough When It Comes To Bad Habits

Just merely knowing something is good or bad for you is not going to give you any benefit, unless the implementation is done. Conscious knowledge cannot change your behavior, one has to make necessary changes to successfully act in self-control.

If you know that you will eat junk food because your refrigerator is filled with it, remove all the junk food.

Adding Friction To Bad Habits

Just as removing friction aids in doing the activity more often, adding friction can aid to remove the bad habit, by making it difficult or cumbersome to do so.

Example: Cigarette smoking declined due to adding taxes, banning in public places and removing from vending machines.

Take a Nap

Dreaming is a source of inspiration because your brain is working even when you’re asleep.

If you can’t seem to break through your brainstorming session, take a nap.


People who are concentrating too hard will sometimes block the creative processes necessary for problem-solving.

A drink or two might just help calm your brain.

Listen to Music

Music can put you into a “mind-wandering” state that’s perfectly conducive to coming up with new and creative ideas.