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Smartphone Too Distracting? Here’s How to Reclaim Your Focus

Smartphone Too Distracting? Here’s How to Reclaim Your Focus

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1. Remove unused apps

1. Remove unused apps

The first step to managing distractions on your phone is to remove the apps you no longer need.

  • These apps take up storage space in your phone’s memory and bandwidth when they update themselves.
  • But worst of all, these zombie apps fill your device with visual clutter and distraction .


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2. Replace screen time

2. Replace screen time

Remove apps that seek your constant attention, like social media. Replace the screen time for those apps by browsing only through a laptop/desktop.

  • Apps like Audible for listening to books and Pocket for reading articles can stay.
  • Breaking news apps with blaring alerts that did nothing but stress me out had to go.


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3. Make notifications less intrusive

3. Make notifications less intrusive

  1. Sound: An audible notification is the most interruptive and should only be granted to essential or harmless apps – banking, work IM, file downloader, or calls.
  2. Sight: After sound, visual triggers are the next level of interruption. Allow notifications that matter the most while you are using your phone – ongoing chats in meetings, OTP from SMS, etc.
  3. Sayonara: The rest of the apps on your phone can kiss notification privileges goodbye. You can open them only when you need them.


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