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4 Ways to Follow Your Inner Compass - Mindful

4 Ways to Follow Your Inner Compass - Mindful

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Get Curious

Get Curious

Try asking yourself:

  • How would I like each day to unfold?
  • What would I like to focus my energy on?
  • What brings me joy?
  • What state of mind would I like to be in while I work?
  • What other aspects of my life do I wish to be paying more attention to?
  • By the end of my life, what kind of person do I wish to be?


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Follow Your Inspiration

Follow Your Inspiration

Follow our life’s energy instead of opposing, fighting, or suppressing it.

Make decisions that aren’t motivated by a desire for achievement, but to do work you find truly meaningful and that makes you feel alive.


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Be There

Be There

No matter what meaning you ascribe to your work—whether it is a job, a career or a calling, by focusing on being fully present to it you can better connect to your own vitality within the experience.


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Shine On

Shine On

You simply need to be present and allow yourself to experience what is most alive for you, what decisions you make relative to it, and how you take action. 

Working in this way, you can find success and fulfillment within yourself.


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