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Difficult Things You Should Start Doing for the People Around You

Difficult Things You Should Start Doing for the People Around You



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Becoming A Source Of Sincere Support

  • Many of the admired people in our lives generally were not the ones that provided us with all the solutions or solved all our problems.
  • Sincere, silent support, like active listening, and genuine care is never overlooked.
  • Being the strength of others in the hour of need, e...

Becoming truly who we are is the greatest privilege that life gives us. The people who let you blossom are the ones that need appreciation, kindness and respect.

Do not bully or victimize anyone for being different than the majority. Be the person that helps others give their fullest pote...

Being trustworthy and truthful isn’t something that really resonates nowadays, but is nonetheless the foundation of all relationships and healthy communication.

If we are concealing facts, covering up, withholding the truth, or are selective in our honesty, we see the consequences in no t...

  • Comparisons, negative thoughts and hateful gestures need to be replaced by clear and kind communication, and being able to listen to and speak the truth.
  • Relationships are hindered and broken with threats, belittling, mockery, teasing, name-calling and generally hostile behaviour. ...

When one tunes out of a relationship or ignores the other person, it breaks down any hope of reaching a solution and ends up freezing the argument in ice.

Complete ‘ghosting’ is only an option when we are clear about our decision and can live with the consequences.

Giving someone your full attention is the gift of your time and kindness.

Listening actively and showing the others how important they are by giving our full attention, is always appreciated. Listening without any anticipation of getting your turn to reply is the most valued gesture you c...

Genuine praise and appreciation of how amazing the other person is, especially in a public setting, is extremely rewarding.

The other person feels empowered and your good karma never goes unrewarded. A rule to be followed is to praise the other person in public but never penalize or ridic...

The most important thing that keeps our lives in a flow is constant learning. One should study and read whatever possible, engage with others, ask questions, and never stop evolving.

One has to always make an endeavour to leave other people in a better condition than they were before.

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