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Expiring Vs Permanent Skills

Expiring Skills are important to a field but can diminish or become irrelevant as technology gets updated or the nature of work changes.

Permanent Skills are the skills that remain relevant and essential even after hundreds of years. They appear basic and common, but compound over time and eventually attain greater importance.


  • Even if one is not talented, not being a jerk is an important basic skill.
  • Acceptance and understanding of the fact that many skills, technologies, belief patterns and processes can become obsolete.
  • Being able to make your point easily, and without wasting time.
  • Acknowledging that some things are outside of our control various risk factors influence the outcome.
  • Being able to get along with people you don’t agree with, or consider as ‘idiots’.
  • Being comfortable with hustle, hassle and being miserable.
  • Accepting failure and bowing out when things are not favourable, instead of being stubborn due to the sunk costs.


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