Give Your Brain Some Breathing Room | Scott H Young - Deepstash
News consumption

Abstaining from all news would probably look like you're about to betray your civic duty, but watching every story in real-time is a betrayal of your sanity.

Consider checking in on the news once a day for 45 minutes, preferably in the morning. Listen to radio news or a popular news podcast, or browse the main headlines of a newspaper. However, do not watch cable news or look to Twitter.


Be intentional. Focus on the positive, and avoid posts whose primary goal is to make you angry.

Consider removing social media apps from your phone. Access them only on your computer and only for a set period of time in the evening.


Give your work the focus it needs, be present with your family, rediscover the joys of high-quality leisure, and experience gratitude.

You cannot reclaim your focus when your day is consumed with insistent negativity. Reflect on what you need, then get on with purposeful living.


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