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Why Body Positivity Is Important

Why Body Positivity Is Important


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Why Body Positivity Is Important

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The body positivity movement

Body positivity is the idea that all people deserve to have a positive body image, regardless of shape, size, and appearance.

The major goals of the body positivity movement include:

  • Challenging how society views the body.
  • Promoting the acceptance of all body shapes, sizes, and appearance.
  • Helping people to build confidence acceptance of their own bodies.
  • Addressing unrealistic body standards.


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The body positivity movement has its root in the fat acceptance movement of the 1960s. The body positivity movement began to emerge around 2012, first focusing on challenging unrealistic feminine beauty standards, but eventually shifting to the message that all bodies are beautiful.

Body positivity also means not beating yourself up over changes that happen naturally due to aging, pregnancy, or lifestyle choices.


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The formation of body image starts early in life. Exposure to images of the "thin ideal" poses a danger. It develops the belief that beauty, success, and esteem are the result of thinness. When people internalize these ideas, they may experience body dissatisfaction, leading to depression, low self-esteem, and eating disorders.

Body positivity attempts to address these issues by helping people recognize the influences that promote a poor body image. They hope that people will adjust their body expectations and feel more positive and accepting of their own bodies.


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  • Body positivity implies that people should do whatever they think to feel positive about how they look. The idealization of thinness can contribute to people engaging in actions such as extreme diets under the guise of feeling "body positive."
  • Body positivity can be non-inclusive. Images of body positivity messages often exclude, for example, people of color or those who are disabled.
  • The body positivity movement emphasizes the body's appearance as an important element of a person's self-perception while neglecting other more important aspects.


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To maintain a healthy body image:

  • Adopt body neutrality. It's okay to admit that you don't like everything about your body or feel indifferent. Your worth and value do not lie in your body image.
  • Try health-focused self-care. Show respect for your body. Eat healthy meals because it fuels your mind and body. Exercise because it helps you feel energized.


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