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What Is Fat Acceptance?

What Is Fat Acceptance?


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What Is Fat Acceptance?

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What Is Fat Acceptance?

Fat acceptance is the recognition that bodies of all shapes and sizes, particularly larger ones, are inherently worthy.

Advocates of this movement work to improve quality of life for fat people and fight discrimination against them in industries such as healthcare, fashion, and employment.

Fat acceptance activists have also been described as "fat rights" or "fat liberation" advocates.

The history of fat acceptance dates back decades.


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Understanding fat acceptance

  • National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance (NAAFA) states, “We envision a culture where all fat people are free, celebrated, and liberated from every form of oppression." 
  • Just as people of color, the LGBTQ+ community, low-income people, and individuals with disabilities face institutional discrimination, so do fat people. 
  • Fat people who belong to marginalized groups experience overlapping forms of discrimination. 

NAAFA works to protect the rights of fat people, also called “people of size”.


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Barriers faced by Fat people

In the 21st century, people of size are increasingly speaking up about the discrimination they endure. 

  • Fat women receive harsher criminal sentences than thinner women
  • Less likely to be admitted to colleges
  • Fatphobia is a global problem
  • The assumption that fat people are simply too lazy or too indulgent prevails in healthcare settings. 
  • Doctors routinely dismiss their legitimate health concerns, blaming any problem they have on their weight. 
  • Encounter discrimination in shops for clothes that carry apparel in limited size ranges. 


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