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Paper clutter

Paperwork is one of the toughest forms of clutter to vanquish.

Often, it’s much more anxiety-provoking and draining than going through a clothes closet or a desk drawer.


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To decide what to keep

Ask yourself:

  • Do you actually need this piece of paper or receipt? 
  • Will it quickly become dated?
  • Will I find a replacement on the internet? For example, instruction manuals.
  • What’s the consequence of not having it if you do need it?
  • Could you scan it, so that you have a copy if you need it?
  • At work or at home, does someone else have a copy of this information?


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Worrying about regret

Some people think they'll regret getting rid of papers and wished they'd kept some of it.

You can create a holding box: put papers in that box for six months—or even a year, if you're really worried—and see if you ever need to retrieve anything from that box. If you don't, get rid of the box


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Getting too organized

We want to get organized, but not too organized.

Don't make files so specific that you can't find anything later, or so that you spend all your time labeling files.


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